The Americans Final Season Full Trailer Welcomes The Beginning Of The End

FX releases the full trailer for the final season of its critically acclaimed series The Americans, hinting that things don’t end well.

Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys in The Americans Season 6

FX teases the beginning of the end with the official full trailer for the final season of The Americans. Arguably the best series the network has ever produced, the Cold War-era drama has been a taut spy thriller and riveting domestic drama in one smart package, headed up by the terrific lead performances of Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys as Elizabeth and Philip Jennings. And as the trailer suggests, the upcoming final episodes won’t offer the deep-cover couple much in the way of a happy ending.

That the series has been given six seasons to tell its story is kind of a minor miracle unto itself and evidence of just how much FX believes in the project from Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields. Never much of a ratings champ and seemingly forgotten by the Emmys — though it did rack up a few nominations and a win by Margo Martindale — the series has been a perennial favorite of critics everywhere and seems destined to be rediscovered in the years to come by audiences in search of a smart, intense drama.

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But for now, the series is tasked with bringing its tension-filled tale to a close, catching up with the Jenningses as Elizabeth welcomes daughter Paige (Holly Taylor) into the fold, just as the FBI seems to be closing in on the operatives of Directorate S. That means that neighbor and family friend Stan Beeman (Noah Emmerich) is once again on the case, and will perhaps discover that his initial suspicions of the seemingly normal family across the street were right the whole time.

Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys in The Americans Season 6

FX has been ramping up its promotion of the final season with plenty of teasers ahead of this “official” trailer, but the full look at what’s in store is much more comprehensive in its approach, giving a good idea of the various plot threads being woven and where the characters will find themselves when the season begins. Most notable is Russell’s work as Elizabeth, as the series doesn’t shy away from illustrating the toll her work as a spy has taken. It doesn’t look as though things will improve much, as Claudia (Martindale) tasks her best agent with some fairly dangerous work, hinting that the Russians are dealing with a defector who might undo everything they’ve been working toward.

While the trailer does an excellent job setting up the storyline, it also calls to attention that this is the final season. Whether or not that will see an uptick in the series’ ratings come the season premiere later this month remains to be seen. Diehards are likely already setting their DVRs but perhaps the promise of such an acclaimed series reaching its conclusion will persuade others to tune in as well. If that’s the case, latecomers better get to watching; the final season is just around the corner.

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The Americans season 6 premieres Wednesday, March 28 @10pm on FX. Seasons 1-5 are streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Source: FX

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