American Vandal Season 2 Trailer Introduces The Turd Burglar

Netflix dropped the  American Vandal season 2 trailer, which introduced the world to a new high school menace, The Turd Burglar, in the sophomore outing of its mockumentary series. The first season of American Vandal premiered in 2017 and it quickly became one of the most talked about shows on social media. The show was a dick joke-filled satirization of popular serialized crime dramas, but it was extremely well written and absolutely hilarious.

When  American Vandal first debuted, audiences weren’t sure what to expect. The show centered around a high school student named Dylan Maxwell, who was accused of - and subsequently expelled for - spray painting dicks onto faculty vehicles. In the wake of the event, two students, Peter Maldonado and Sam Ecklund, desperately tried to discover the truth and vindicate Dylan. The show utilized the familiar docu-crime format showcased on the likes of Making a Murderer perfectly, and quickly became one of the streaming network’s most talked about shows. Over the course of its first season, American Vandal went from outlandish to genuinely compelling. The series even went on to receive an Emmy nomination, proving that crude humor, when done well, can garner serious critical praise.

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Heading into the show’s second season, fans were unsure of what faux crime American Vandal would tackle next. Thankfully, Netflix recently released the first trailer for American Vandal season 2, which introduces a new menace: The Turd Burglar. Yes, the show has graduated from dick jokes to toilet humor and it looks absolutely great. Check out the trailer above.

Based on the trailer, American Vandal still seems to be staying in its wheelhouse; however, this season it’s tackling an active villain. Unlike the show’s first season, American Vandal season 2 will track a serial vandal, who goes by the moniker The Turd Burglar. After poisoning the lemonade in the cafeteria of a Catholic school, the Turd Burglar caused a mass defecation, which students began to refer to as the "Brown Out". The premise is even more outlandish than the first season, but even with the excessive amount of poop jokes, it looks extremely compelling. Somehow, Maldonado and Ecklund must uncover the Turd Burglar’s identity, before they strike again.

American Vandal season 2 looks incredible and has raised the bar substantially. The stakes have never been higher for everyone’s favorite high school investigators, as they dive into the breach once more. Hopefully, they will uncover the identity of the Turd Burglar and find justice for all the victims of the infamous “Brown Out”. Based on the trailer, the show’s second season looks like a return to form for the series, and fans can’t wait to dive into another farcical mystery.

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America Vandal season 2 drops September 14th on Netflix.

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