American Vandal Season 2: Who's Who In The New Cast

American Vandal Season 2 - Pete and Sam

Netflix's crime mockumentary series American Vandal has returned for a second season, and this time teen sleuths Sam Ecklund (Griffin Gluck) and Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) are investigating a new criminal: the Turd Burglar. American Vandal season 2 moves from Oceanside, California to Bellevue, Washington as Sam and Peter try to find the real culprit behind a series of horrifying poop-related attacks on the prestigious St. Bernadine Catholic School. With a new school and a new mystery comes a new cast of suspects, so we've got a breakdown of the actors joining the show this season, and who they play.

Because of the change in location, Sam and Peter are the only returning characters from American Vandal season 1. The second season of the show mixes a little reality in with the fiction, with the first episode explaining that the "Who Drew The D**ks?" investigation went viral on Vimeo and was picked up with an expanded budget by Netflix. In addition to Netflix offering to finance a second season, Sam and Peter were given permission to make a documentary about the Turd Burglar as their senior project. They jet off to Washington, and that's where we meet the following cast of shady characters.

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American Vandal season 2 cast

Kevin McClaine (Travis Tope) - Kevin is the primary suspect in the Turd Burglar case, and confesses to the crime under duress. Tope's other credits include Independence Day: Resurgence, Boardwalk Empire, and Men, Women and Children.

Tanner Bassett (Jay Lee) - Tanner is Kevin's best friend and a member of his band, the Horsehead Collective. Lee's other credits include Colony and Bully.

Chloe Lyman (Taylor Dearden) - Chloe is the student who calls on Peter and Sam for their help, believing that Kevin is innocent. Dearden's other credits include Sweet/Vicious, Heartthrob, and 101 Ways To Get Rejected.

DeMarcus Tillman (Melvin Gregg) - DeMarcus is a popular and talented basketball player at St. Bernadine. Gregg's other credits include Unreal, Class, and Freakish.

Lou Carter (DeRon Horton) - Lou is DeMarcus' teammate and his best friend at St. Bernardine. Horton's other credits include Dear White People, Lethal Weapon and Roman J. Israel, Esq.

Paul Schnorrenberg (Miles J. Harvey) - A devoutly religious student and a suspect in the Turd Burglar case. Harvey's other credits include The Babysitter, The Dinner, and Roxanne Roxanne.

"Diapey" Drew Pankratz (Jonathan Saks) - A theater kid and a suspect in the Turd Burglar case. This is Saks' first screen role.

Jenna Hawthorne (Kiah Stern) - A wealthy student and a suspect in the Turd Burglar case. Stern's other credits include Grimm and The Gift of Gravity.

Greyson Wentz (Jeremy Culhane) - A student who was expelled from St. Bernardine as punishment for crude Twitter jokes. Culhane's other credits include Heathers, The Real O'Neals, and Spaghettiman.

Trevor "Gonzo" Gonzalez (Nathaniel Potvin) - A member of the basketball team and a key witness in the Turd Burglar case. Potvin's other credits include Mech-X4, Five Points, and Alexa & Katie.

Perry Coleman (La'Charles Trask) - A former student and basketball player at St. Bernardine, who has since graduated. Trask's other credits include Tagged, Scream Queens, and From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series.

Paige Burton (Nicole McCullough) - A cheerleader at St. Bernardine and the target of an earlier prankster. McCullough's other credits include Everything Sucks!, The Librarians, and Grimm.

Myles (Elisha Henig) - A younger kid who joins the Horsehead Collective after Tanner leaves. Henig's other credits include The Sinner, Alex, Inc., and MacGyver.


American Vandal Ms Montgomery

Detective Carla Dickey (Bellina Logan) - The lead detective on the Turd Burglar case, who interrogates students alongside Officer Crowder.  Logan's other credits include Twin PeaksSons of Anarchy, and ER.

Officer Joseph Crowder (Adam Ray) - A Bellevue cop who interrogates students about the identity of the Turd Burglar. Ray's other credits include MADtv, The Heat, and Arrested Development.

Angela Montgomery (Sarah Burns) - An English teacher at St. Bernardine who organizes a celebration of Kurt Vonnegut's birthday every year. Burns' other credits include Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years LaterHow to Get Away With Murder, and Drunk History.

Coach Devlin (Tim True) - The coach of St. Bernardine's highly accomplished basketball team. True's other credits include Big Little LiesScandal, and Agent Carter.

Mr. Gesualdi (Isaac Lamb) - A teacher at St. Bernardine's and a suspected victim of the Turd Burglar. Lamb's other credits include Portlandia and North Starr.

Mr. Fernandez (Gray Eubank) - A teacher at St. Bernardine's and a suspected victim of the Turd Burglar. Eubank's other credits include Wild, Portlandia, and Untraceable.

Patricia McClain (Susan Ruttan) - Kevin's grandmother and guardian, who is convinced of her grandson's innocence. Ruttan's other credits include Grey's Anatomy, The Forgotten, and Dead Air.

Cathy Wexler (Barbara Deering) - The Dean of Students, who is determined to put the Turd Burglar case in the past. Deering's other credits include Grassroots, Grimm, and Georgia.

Hot Janitor (Cayleb Long) - A hot janitor who is suddenly transferred from St. Bernardine to another school. Long's other credits include The Basement, Ascent to Hell and Happy Baby.

Trevor Noah as Himself

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