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American Ultra sequel details from Max Landis

[This article contains spoilers for American Ultra.]


Despite all appearances, not every movie that gets made these days is guaranteed a sequel. Sometimes the numbers just don’t add up to anything that justifies the existence of a part two, no matter how badly fans, or in some cases creators, may want a sequel to happen. Still, that never stops anyone from having ideas even if the machinations of Hollywood put a halt on them before they get started.

Max Landis is a writer with no shortage of ideas. Even though the movie based on his latest screenplay, American Ultra, opened with mixed reviews and a dismal box office take, the writer opened up on Twitter today to reveal a few scenes from a planned sequel titled International Ultra. Though it’s a movie that in all likelihood won’t ever get off the ground, it gives us some idea of what could have happened with Jesse Eisenberg’s Mike and Kristen Stewart’s Phoebe.

As we know, the end of American Ultra saw shiftless stoner Mike embracing his role as a superspy, gallivanting across the world with his former handler turned fiancée Phoebe to fight the forces of evil with the skills learned from the secretive Ultra Program. The sequel would find Mike and Phoebe once again facing off against a world class psychopath; with Topher Grace’s Adrian Yates out of the picture, the new big bad would take the form of the mysterious Wyatt, who would’ve been out for nothing less than the destruction of the world as we know it.

After referencing a recent The Daily Beast piece on the writer - in which he describes how International Ultra would have found Phoebe attempting to rescue a brainwashed Mike from the clutches of the menacing Wyatt - Landis shared a few screenshots from his unfinished script to offer fans a scintillating taste of possibilities:

For those who enjoyed #americanultra here's some scenes I'd already written for fun for #internationalultra !!! :)

— Max Landis (@Uptomyknees) August 24, 2015

The pages shared by Landis are chock-full of the kind of slick, too-cool-for-school dialogue the writer is known for. In the first, Wyatt and an apparent henchman named Abel discuss Abel’s stupidity and undying loyalty to Wyatt, offering us a glimpse at the sort of terrifying villain Wyatt would have been. This is a fact hammered home in the next screenshot, which features a conversation between Wyatt and Mike, wherein Wyatt declares his distaste for being labeled “a bad guy” because he is so clearly “the bad guy” while laying out his plans to eventually destroy the world. Finally, we get a glimpse of the evolving relationship between Phoebe and Mike, whose love is going through some growing pains as they attempt to acclimate to their newfound superspy roles.

For those who enjoyed #americanultra here's some scenes I'd already written for fun for #internationalultra !!! :)

— Max Landis (@Uptomyknees) August 24, 2015

Really, it’s a shame that we’ll probably never get to see this movie, as the previews offered showcase more fun spy genre entertainment than American Ultra offered. Despite its middling reviews, the movie was entertaining to watch and was an interesting mashup of the superspy and stoner comedy genres. While there’s always a chance that American Ultra will pick up some steam over the next few weeks, it’s facing a long and arduous battle for the kinds of numbers that would justify a sequel.

Then again, the movie still hasn’t opened up in many international markets so perhaps a push from the world crowds will help make International Ultra more than just a dream... but don't count on that.

American Ultra is now playing in U.S. theaters.

Source: Max Landis

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