American Psycho: Every Actor You Forgot Starred (& Where They Are Now)

American Psycho hit the big screen all the way back in 2000. Whether you saw this movie when it first came out or you just caught it recently, it is still pretty timeless. Based on the Bret Easton Ellis novel of the same name and directed by Mary Harron, this serial killer thriller film is definitely one of the best we've ever seen ⁠— that is, if you can handle a bit of horrific gore and murder frenzy.

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The film is a classic tale of a Wall Street man gone mad, and is an incredible metaphor for the yuppie culture that defined the 1980s. You'll remember that this cast absolutely slayed, but can you remember the exact famous faces who starred? It was a long time ago, and they might not have even been your favorites yet. So, we're here to remind you. Here are 10 famous actors from American Psycho, and where they are now.

10 Justin Theroux

Justin Theroux played Timothy Bryce, one of Patrick's Wall Street buddies. While he dabbled in a few films before American Psycho, and has been consistent ever since, people probably know Theroux best from roles in 2010 and on. Theroux had a recurring role in Parks and Recreation, but he also jumped back to the big screen for The Girl on the Train and The Spy Who Dumped Me. Most famously, though, you might remember him from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, where he played the Master Codebreaker. If that hasn't jogged your memory, you'll definitely know him as Kevin Garvey in HBO's hit series The Leftovers, or as Dr. James K. Mantleray from the Netflix series Maniac, where honestly, this man was brilliant.

9 Jared Leto

We find it pretty humorous that two of the main actors in this film ended up being Batman and Joker. Not in the same movie, but still, a strange coincidence ⁠— especially since Bale kind of murders Leto with a giant ax. So, you'll probably know Jared Leto best from Suicide Squad, where he played the cunning and creepy Joker. However, Leto is a man of all trades, and he was also in Blade Runner 2049 and Dallas Buyers Club, the latter of which he won an Oscar for. Paul Allen of American Psycho has indeed redeemed himself.

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8 Stephen Bogaert

Stephen Bogaert isn't one of the most famous actors on this list, but he's definitely still made a name for himself. He plays Harold Carnes in this serial killer film, another Wall Street friend. However, he's also appeared in X-Men Apocalypse and the IT franchise as Alvin Marsh. Mainly though, this guy has spent a lot of time in television, having small roles here and there. You've probably recognized him before in an obscure role of your favorite show, and now you know you can place him alongside the serial killer, Patrick Bateman.

7 Reese Witherspoon

We hope we don't need to tell you who Reese Witherspoon is, and in fact, you probably knew her even before she played Patrick's high-strung fiance in this film. Ironically, she played Elle Woods in Legally Blonde literally a year after this film, so it's safe to say she's pretty well-versed in different roles. Witherspoon's most recent film was A Wrinkle in Time, but she jumped over to television to play the brilliant and hilarious Madeline Mackenzie in Big Little Lies. Look out for her new show, The Morning Show, co-starring Jennifer Aniston, released on Apple TV+ on November 1, 2019.

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6 Samantha Mathis

This actress played Courtney Rawlinson, Patrick's drug-addicted side-gal. Samantha Mathis has also moved over to the television screen, having recurring roles in Under the Dome, The Strain, and Billions. If she looked kind of familiar to you and you couldn't quite place her, it's probably because these are all new shows and she probably doesn't play a woman hopped up on Xanax.

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5 Chloe Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny plays Jean, Patrick's assistant and receptionist. The indie film queen of the '90s, Sevigny continued to thrive, with a couple roles almost every year following American Psycho ⁠— she has literally 80 acting credits under her belt. Most recently she was in The Snowman and The Dead Don't Die alongside Bill Murray and Adam Driver. Honestly, if you haven't seen this zombie flick, we truly recommend it for a cringey and hilarious time, and Sevigny is absolutely brilliant as the distraught female cop.

4 Matt Ross

Matt Ross plays Luis Carruthers, another one of Patrick's work buddies. You'll likely recognize this man from the 2004 classic film The Aviator, where he played Glenn Odekirk. More recently though, Matt has also switched over to television. He had a recurring role in Magic City, Revolution, American Horror Story, and stars in the hilarious Silicon Valley. So if you're a television lover and were wondering where the heck that guy is from, now you know.

3 Willem Dafoe

We doubt we have to remind you who Willem Dafoe is. In this film, he plays Detective Donald Kimball. However, this man has been making waves in Hollywood since the '80s, and American Psycho definitely wasn't his first rodeo. With a whopping 131 acting credits, it's pretty impossible not to know this fantastic and versatile actor. Most recently though, we recommend you watch this brilliant man in The Florida Project, Murder on the Orient Express, or Aquaman. He also does a lot of voice-acting, and we're more than sure you recognize it. He has a few things projects on the horizon, so keep your eyes peeled for this acting genius.

2 Josh Lucas

Josh Lucas is probably that side character you see in every second movie and try to ask yourself who the heck that man is. We're here to settle your mind. This man has 78 acting credits, so we're serious about him seemingly being in everything. In this film, he plays one of the main guys alongside Bale, playing Craig McDermott. Around the same time, he was in A Beautiful Mind and Sweet Home Alabama. More recently though, Lucas had a recurring role in The Mysteries of Laura. You can catch him in his new film, Ford v Ferrari alongside Matt Damon, and, ironically, Christian Bale himself.

1 Christian Bale

So, Batman has been in a lot of films. Uh, we mean Christian Bale. Seriously though, Bale was brilliant as Patrick Bateman, but he's pretty brilliant in just about everything he does. While he's definitely our favorite Batman, Bale has also done many critically-acclaimed films that have been nominated by the Academy, such  in The FighterAmerican Hustle, The Big Short, and Vice. He won an Oscar for The Fighter and was nominated for the rest, so, it's safe to say Bale is a genius, and these movies are absolutely stellar. We adore you, Bale, even if you murdered a bunch of people as Patrick Bateman.

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