What The Cast Of American Pie Looked Like In The First Movie Vs Now

What's the strangest thing you can do with a dessert? Jason Biggs' American Pie character Jim Levenstein showed the world exactly that in the 1999 movie, leaving jaws on the floor and people rolling around the aisles, with tears of laughter falling down their faces.

So successful was American Pie, that it would go on to spawn three official sequels, as well as a number of spinoffs. There has even been talk of yet another sequel, given the incredibly unique working title of American Pie 5.

Biggs wasn't only the big name to be a part of the American Pie franchise, though. The movies also included the likes of Seann William Scott, Eugene Levy, Alyson Hannigan, and Jennifer Coolidge. While we've recently heard of some of the stars and what they've been getting up to, there are also some that we've not seen for some time.

With that in mind, we've decided to go back and take a look at the most prominent characters from the American Pie series, looking at how they appeared in the very first movie, and seeing how much they've changed over the decades.

Here is What The Cast Of American Pie Looked Like In The First Movie Vs Now.

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15 Tara Reid

Tara Reid is renowned for her time in American Pie, having played Kevin's girlfriend Vicky, but breaking up with him at the end of the first movie following the couple's first time sleeping together.

She would return for the second movie, but was absent from the third, before also making a comeback in American Reunion. Though fans wanted her and Kevin to reunite, the latter would admit to being in love with his wife, despite Vicky always being his "first love".

Still, their story has a happy ending, when Kevin's wife insists that the three all share a dance together. It was a touching moment that stuck with audiences.

Reid has had one of the biggest real-life transformations. Her figure has always remained an incredibly slender one, which is often picked up by the media.

She's also become a huge part of the Sharknado franchise, as well as working within the world of reality television and competing on the British version of Celebrity Big Brother.

Reid's next big project is supernatural horror Ouija House, which is set to premiere at the Texas Frightmare Weekend on May 5. There, she'll star alongside Mischa Barton, Dee Wallace, Carly Schroeder, Chris Mulkey, and Tiffany Shepis.

14 Chris Klein

Chris Klein took on the role of Chris "Oz" Ostreicher in the American Pie series, but would be absent from the third movie in the original trilogy. Despite that, he did make a return for American Reunion, much to the delight of fans who had taken him into their hearts ever since seeing the first movie.

Oz was always one of the most sensitive characters in American Pie. Devoted to his girlfriend Heather, he would do his all to shake off the label of "arrogant jock." While the pair looked to be a match made in heaven, they didn't last.

Going on to become a famous sportscaster, but crashing out of a reality dancing competition in embarrassing fashion, Oz would do his best to reclaim his happiness in American Reunion.

In the real world, Klein has had a whole host of different roles, but never really been a part of something as big as the American Pie series. That may be down to the demons that he's had to battle.

The actor has publicly faced his troubles with alcohol addiction, and following a stint in rehab back in 2010, he seems to be back on the straight-and-narrow.

Let's hope that's something that can continue, and that we'll see him in a high-profile role some time in the near future.

13 Eugene Levy

Eugene Levy has the unique distinction of being the only actor from the American Pie franchise to have appeared in all eight of the movies in the series to-date.

Despite the spin-offs failing to pull in the majority of big names from the original trilogy, Levy wouldn't let the character of "Jim's Dad," otherwise known as Noah Levenstein, phase out.

Noah would provide some big laughs throughout the series, with one memorable scene in particular coming from the very first movie. In it, he would buy a collection of adult magazines for his son Jim, in a bid to get closer to his offspring and teach him about the ways of the world.

A very awkward conversation followed, but it had the audience in stitches.

Nowadays, Levy can be seen in CBC series Schitt's Creek, where he takes the leading role of Johnny Rose.

What many don't realize, however, is that Levy actually co-created the show with his real-life son, Dan Levy. Dan also stars in the show, as Johnny's pampered son, David Rose.

Having become a huge success, the show was this year renewed for a fifth season to air in early 2019. It's going to be very interesting to see what the Rose family get up to next.

12 Jennifer Coolidge

Jeanine Stifler, referred to constantly throughout the American Pie series as Stifler's Mom, was quite a limited character in the original trilogy of movies.

Jennifer Coolidge handled the role perfectly, flirtatious in her liaisons with Finch and able to play her cards close to her chest. What we didn't expect however, was the exposé of a major moral compass in American Reunion.

Returning with a vengeance, Jeanine had grown tired of being looked on as simply an object of lust. Sitting down with now-widower Noah Levenstein -- Jim's Dad -- the pair would quickly realize they were made for one another.

Smitten, they start a new relationship, and the rest is left up to the audience to imagine! We would have loved to have seen the two break the news to Jim and his friends...

Coolidge has enjoyed a plethora of different roles, recently lending her voice to Mary Meh in The Emoji Movie, and voicing a number of different TV characters in shows such as American Dad! and TripTank.

Announced to voice Carol Sue in upcoming Dreamworks Animation movie B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations, we imagine we'll at least be hearing Coolidge's voice in a number of high-profile projects for years to come.

11 Chris Owen

Chuck "The Sherminator" Sherman, played by Chris Owen, was somebody you couldn't help but root for in the American Pie series.

Though he was a bit of a pig in the way that he would talk about women, telling lies about popping his cherry, the character just wanted to be like the jocks in high school. Instead, he got stuck with the label of "nerd."

Appearing in the first two American Pie movies, as well as American Reunion and spinoff movie American Pie Presents Band Camp, Sherman finally got his rocks off with Nadia when the two were feeling dejected.

Despite making a name for himself, Owen would go on to work as a waiter at a sushi restaurant in Santa Monica, California. At the time (2010), the star said the job was a way of keeping afloat while fighting to remain an actor.

A few minor roles followed, but nothing substantial. Owen hasn't been in a movie since 2016, but is now filming new horror/sci-fi flick The Epidemic.

The movie follows the devastation on Earth after a meteor crashes into the planet's crust. It sounds like an interesting premise, so let's hope it'll serve as a launchpad for the actor to start making it big once more.

10 Eddie Kaye Thomas

Paul Finch, played by Eddie Kaye Thomas, is the most sophisticated member of the friendship group leading American Pie. He's somebody who won't even use a toilet other than his own without putting a layer of toilet roll between his behind and the toilet seat.

Finch's obsession with Stifler's mom is a running thread that moves throughout the entire series, and one of the reasons that Stifler is always caught up in making Finch's life as unbearable as possible. Remember when he had to rush to the bathroom because Stifler had spiked him with laxatives?

Thomas' transformation is one of the most notable out of the entire American Pie cast. He's no longer a baby-faced youngster chasing older woman, and is instead donning a full beard, showing off his chest hair, with a sultry look in his eyes.

Starring as Dr. Toby Kurtis in in CBS series Scorpion, Thomas gave a brilliant performance throughout, but when the network announced the show had been cancelled a little earlier this year, audiences were left distraught. Thomas had really worked his way into the hearts of viewers.

Hopefully we'll see the actor back on the small, or the big screen, before too long.

9 Seann William Scott

Whether you know him as Steve Stifler, The Stifmeister, or one of the other ridiculous nicknames that he's given himself throughout the series, American Pie would never have been the success it was without this character, and Seann William Scott's brilliant performance in the role.

Delivering one-liners, chatting up ladies, and finding himself in some seriously messed up situations all came easily to Stifler, who would revel in annoying his friends and causing chaos whenever possible.

What we found out in The Wedding, however, was that he actually had a heart of gold under all of the irritating personality traits. In fact, he'd gone as far as saving the entire event with some late night work.

We'll never get the images of Stifler enjoying some alone time in a cupboard with Jim's grandmother out of our minds.

Nowadays, Scott has been keeping a low profile, but has a huge role right around the corner. Following the removal of Clayne Crawford from the Lethal Weapon TV series cast after some behind-the-scenes drama, Scott has been announced as taking his place.

He'll star as an all-new character in the show, leading alongside Damon Wayons, who has been with the show since the beginning.

8 Mena Suvari

Mena Suvari was never a fan-favourite in the role of Heather in American Pie, but she was quite the sweetheart. As Oz's girlfriend in the first movie, the pair would share an intimate phone call in American Pie 2, which Stifler interrupted with hilarious results.

Heather and Oz would split up, but with Heather's return in American Reunion alongside Oz, the pair would eventually come to realize that they were meant to be with one another. Heather dumped her jerk partner to reunite with her first love.

Suvari has had quite the experience when it comes to roles away from the American Pie series. Those who remember the first season of FX's American Horror Story -- subtitled Murder House -- for example will know her for her two-episode arc as the Black Dahlia.

She even competed in an episode of American Ninja Warrior, as part of the charity event Red Nose Day.

Suvari will be returning to the small screen next month, in the debut season of Paramount Network's sitcom American Woman, based on the life of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards.

She takes a leading role alongside the likes of Alicia Silverstone, Cheyenne Jackson, Jennifer Bartels, Makenna James, and Lia McHugh in the comedy series.

7 Justin Isfeld

Justin, played by Justin Isfeld, is one half of the "MILF Guys" who first appeared in Stifler's house party during the original American Pie movie. The characters are often credited as being one of the main reasons why the acronym "MILF" has become such a huge part of popular culture.

Though his role was a small one, Isfeld made sure that he wouldn't be forgotten with his performance.

One particularly memorable moment came in American Pie 2, when the character urinated from a balcony, straight onto a blissfully unaware Stifler's face. "I can taste the bubbles," he'd say, thinking he was being doused in champagne. Yuck!

It's actually hard to find out what Isfeld has been up to since he made his return to the American Pie series in American Reunion. The actor doesn't seem to have picked up any significant roles, and keeps a low profile elsewhere. Even finding a recent picture of the star was hard work.

Whatever the future holds for Isfeld, he can be sure that he's had a lasting impact on the world of comedy.

Seeing him return to the big screen would be nice, but whatever he's up to, we hope he's enjoying himself and living a full and worthwhile life.

6 Natasha Lyonne

Natasha Lyonne is a brilliant actress, and though her role as Jessica in the first two American Pie movies and American Reunion was quite a small one, she was still a huge part of building the franchise and making it a major success.

The character is a close friend of Vicky, Finch, and Kevin, and would give advice to each of them about how to make it through high school with some of their integrity still intact.

One of the best pieces of wisdom that she gave was to her girlfriends. She explained that if a guy said they'd slept with two or more girls, it meant that they'd actually been with only one or none.

Lyonne is one of the few stars from the franchise to go onto even bigger things in her career. Most notably, she's in Netflix original series Orange is the New Back as the brilliantly independent Nicky Nichols.

She's got some big projects coming up in the next year or two as well, including the movie Honey Boy, which is set for release in 2019. Shia LaBeouf has written the screenplay for the flick, and is also set to star alongside Lyonne in the drama, directed by Alma Har'el.

5 John Cho

John Cho played the other half of the "MILF Guys," John, and shared some brilliant scenes with Justin Isfeld throughout the American Pie series.

Despite their partnership, John had a much bigger part in American Reunion than Justin, appearing in multiple scenes and giving Jim the thumbs-up when he thinks that he is getting his end away while driving his car.

He and Justin were said to have feuded in the events leading up to the movie, but they reunited before everything was said and done, chanting their signature catchphrase "MILF!" while watching Stifler and Finch's mom get it on.

Cho has had quite an interesting television career since his time in American Pie, picking up roles in sci-fi drama FlashForward, horror series Sleepy Hollow, sitcoms Off Centre and Selfie, and now-cancelled Fox horror show The Exorcist.

Still, the cancellation hasn't kept Cho down. He'll be starring in a satirical thriller movie next year called The Oath, but makes his big screen return this October in Searching -- a movie shot from the point-of-view of smartphones and computer screens.

The thriller comes from director Aneesh Chaganty, and premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. Already picking up some great reviews, we can't wait to get a look at the fresh take on a missing child drama.

4 Thomas Ian Nicholas

Kevin Myers may have been the nerdiest member of the group when American Pie made its debut, but the character, played by Thomas Ian Nicholas, would eventually prove to be one of the guys with the best game when it came to picking up girls.

He's not exactly the most memorable character from the franchise -- it was even revealed on DVD commentary for The Wedding that the majority of Kevin's scenes were cut from the movie in its final edit -- but Kevin did have some shining moments throughout the series. Who could forget the research he put into making sure that he could give Vicky a good time?

Nicholas has combined acting work with the world of reality television in recent years, even appearing in an episode of Hell's Kitchen in 2016.

His most notable role came in Walt Before Mickey, where he would play Walt Disney himself in a movie that would cover the mogul's earliest years in business.

Though a low budget would see some critics complain about the movie's production, Nicholas' performance was a passionate one, and the overall direction of the narrative was in the right place.

What comes next for Nicholas remains to be seen. No new projects have yet been announced, but we imagine his career in show business is something that will flare right back up again.

3 Alyson Hannigan

Despite only originally being brought into the fold as a minor character, Michelle Flaherty -- played by Alyson Hannigan -- proved so popular with audiences that she would become an integral part of the franchise from that point forward.

Anybody's who's ever seen an American Pie movie will have at one time or another quoted Michelle's "this one time, at band camp..." line to their friends. It's just one of the series' many iconic moments.

As the only person in Jim's entire school not to have seen his adult video online, Michelle has no preconceived notions about him, and is actually the woman to sleep with Jim for the first time.

A love story follows like none other, with confusion, anger, and of course, a lot of big laughs playing a part in making them such a success.

Following her return to the franchise in American Reunion, Hannigan would go on to host Penn & Teller: Fool Us for a couple of years, and is set to this year appear in new series Man of the House for ABC. She also appeared as Lily in How I Met Your Mother.

Some big news dropped earlier this year, when it was announced she would be starring in the live-action Kim Possible movie, taking on the role of Ann Possible.

Though we won't see her in that until the movie's release in 2019, it's looking set to be one of Disney Channel's biggest releases to-date.

2 Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth's portrayal of Nadia -- a Czech exchange student with a bit of a dodgy accent -- is probably not something that would go down as well as it did in American Pie in the modern world.

Still, the character is one that remains a huge part of the series, thanks to her relationship with Jim and the adult video that made its way across the internet.

Nadia's love for geeky guys continues on into the second American Pie movie, where she drags the "Sherminator" to an upstairs bedroom after being jilted by Jim.

She even makes an appearance in American Reunion, standing alongside her boyfriend, who bears a resemblance to Jim, proving she had never gotten over him.

In the real-world, Elizabeth has put a lot of time and effort into working with her non-profit charity, Animal Avengers. The organization has been going since 2001, and in recent years, expanded to helping out wildlife in Africa.

She fought in America's first season of Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year, but her hard gaming right from the get-go saw her become a major target. Elizabeth was evicted on day 17 of the competition, and voted for eventual winner of the series Marissa Jaret Winokur to take home the $250,000 prize.

1 Jason Biggs

One of the biggest stars from the American Pie series is Jason Biggs, who played James "Jim" Levenstein throughout the movie series. Always finding himself in awkward situations, and even showing off his lack of skills in the bedroom to the world via a webcam, he'd do his all to shrug off jokes thrown his way.

Eventually, Jim would have the last laugh and marry the love of his life in the third American Pie movie, The Wedding.

The character had come a long way since being caught watching adult movies in his bedrooms with a sock over his privates, but there was still plenty of opportunity to get a laugh in. We don't think we'll ever forget Jim's wedding week manscaping, and the hairy wedding cake that followed...

Biggs has been relatively reserved when it comes to picking up new on-camera projects. He did star as Larry Bloom in Netflix original series Orange is the New Black, but was never really a leading character.

His most recent project was in 2017 TV movie Charlie Foxtrot, where he would play Captain Charlie Taylor. Heard of it? Neither had we. Apparently, it served as a comedy pilot on ABC over a year ago, but it would seem the project never got a full green light to go to series.


Are you surprised about where some of these American Pie's stars ended up? Are there any others who we forgot to mention? Sound off in the comments!

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