Original Cast Members Returning for 'American Pie 4'

The next American Pie

We had the chance to chat with Craig Perry, the producer behind the American Pie and Final Destination franchises, and get the scoop on what may be happening next for Stifler, "Band Camp," Levenstein, and the rest of the American Pie gang.

Most notably, the return of several key characters for American Pie 4.

The producer had not originally intended for American Pie to become the lasting franchise that it is:

"When we were making American Pie, we would watch the dailies and say 'ohh, it might make 30 million!' You never really know. You just sort of know when things are working, and are grateful that they are working. It is hard to make any movie really, more to make one that actually works."

American Pie went on to gross $235 million in worldwide theatrical sales - and inspire two traditional sequels American Pie 2 and American Wedding as well as a (more recent) series of strait to DVD releases. Audiences may now see a return to the original storyline and characters, and another theatrical release for the franchise, with American Pie 4.

Harold And Kumar writers Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg are penning the script and are also slated to direct the film - which would bring the original cast back together.

Perry is hoping to have a script to look at as soon as the new year. Technically the "new year" could mean any time in 2011 but the film is already (tentatively) scheduled for a 2012 release:

"If we get a script that everyone is exited about, then it is going to be all about the schedule."

The producer knows that it will require some maneuvering to get all of the original cast members in the same place at the same time:

"Alyson (Hannigan) has got the show (How I Met Your Mother), and the baby. So there are a lot of people with a lot of things to do."

Despite the challenges, Perry is determined to see a return of the original cast for the next film in the series:

"If you start whittling it down, then it is no longer what it is meant to me. Those characters have become part of the cultural lexicon, and I think there's an interest in seeing where they are, because they haven't been on screen in seven years. I think that's a very effective way of backing into this is having people wonder 'what did happen to those guys, what did happen to those girls?'"

It looks like, given the right script, audiences will have an answer to that question when American Pie 4 hits theaters in 2012.

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