American Ninja Warrior Previews Stephen Amell's Course Run

Stephen Amell American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior has released a clip of Stephen Amell's first few events as he runs the famed course as part of an appearance in the show's Red Nose Day celebrity episode. It is no secret to fans of Arrow that Amell is an powerful athlete. Oliver Queen is frequently seen without a shirt -- for one reason or another -- giving him ample opportunity to show off his incredibly muscular physique. And he is known for doing many of the grueling physical stunts on the show himself, including the now infamous salmon ladder. Amell trains constantly in a variety of workouts and skills -- archery and parkour -- in order to maintain both his physical shape and abilities.

And he has shown off that athleticism in other arenas as well. A wrestling fan, he campaigned for a long time to appear on WWE Raw. A fight between Amell and Stardust was set up with a rivalry between the actor and wrestler playing out over the summer of 2015, leading up to a tag team fight where Amell and his partner Neville faced off with Stardust and King Barrett. Amell impressed the wrestlers enough to win that year's Slammy for Celebrity Moment of the Year, and Stardust -- aka Cody Rhodes -- has guest starred twice on Arrow.

Stephen Amell American Ninja Warrior

Each celebrity participating in the event is partnered with an elite Ninja who coaches them. In the video you can see Amell working closely with his coach -- Kacy Catanzaro, who is the first woman to qualify for the finals on the show. The crowd is filled with Amell's fans, and in between obstacles he takes a moment to say "Hi guys!" to the cheering crowd before grabbing the cannonball slider.

During the obstacles themselves, Amell is all business, ignoring everything around him and staying focused on the task at hand. This is especially clear during his third obstacle -- the fly wheels -- where he literally hangs on by the tips of his fingers and uses his body weight to jump from wheel to wheel. It's an impressive physical display, to say the least.

Each celebrity participating in Red Nose Day will run a six obstacle course, and the video only shows Amell getting through the first three, so whether he makes it all the way to the end or not remains to be seen.

The Celebrity Edition of American Ninja Warrior will air on May 25 at 8 pm on NBC. The season finale of Arrow will be one day earlier, on The CW at 8 on May 24.

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