Sarah Wright Loved Bossing Tom Cruise Around in American Made

Sarah Wright and Tom Cruise in American Made

You probably know the lead in American Made, the incomparable Tom Cruise, but perhaps not his leading lady. In the biopic of pilot-turned-smuggler-turned-informant Barry Seal, Sarah Wright plays Cruise's wife, Lucy, who is dragged across America as part of his government-sanctioned-yet-illegal business. She's previously starred in 21 & Over and had regular stints on TV, but this is quite the breakout role for Wright, seeing her go toe-to-toe with one of the biggest movie stars in the world.

Screen Rant talked with the actress about her experience bossing Cruise around, working with him and Doug Liman and what could be next after the coke-laced thriller.

What's it like to be a Tom Cruise love interest? What's it like to be cast in that big role?

It was incredible. It was amazing to work with him but to be cast in that role, that's a moment in my life that I'm never going to forget, for sure.

And it's not just a love interest because you boss him around - he doesn't always listen, but it's quite a powerful role. You have a very strong voice and your anger at him when he moves the family really powers a lot of what he does. How's it being able to command him in someways?

It was so exciting to be able to be in a Doug Liman film because he has this great thing where he always has a strong female character and I knew when I was reading this that I was going to have that opportunity. I'm the south originally and I wanted to kinda harness that strong mama bear, southern woman quality, and that's sort of the drive that we went with in these scenes with Tom. And to be able to boss him around and to sort of push him and drive some of those scenes it felt great.

Sarah Wright and Tom Cruise in American Made

You talk about working on a Doug film. Obviously, he's worked with Tom before on Edge of Tomorrow. What's their relationship like, how do they operate on set? Because they must have quite a shorthand now?

Absolutely. I mean they're so different, but I think what draws them together is their childlike amusement at making movies and how they just love to make films, watch films, learn more, dissect a film. That is so beautiful with the two of them, that this is something that they live for. Their dynamic on set is that you could tell they were great friends, but they were so wonderful being honest with each other and that quality I think really works with them.

One thing I do want to ask is with Barry Seal, the person. Because, obviously, you spend a lot of time with him in your character. Do you think he's a good guy? Because the film is ambiguous on that and leaves a lot open. What's your take on that?

I mean, I didn't know the guy personally, but I do feel like he is this sort of outlaw and a lot of times these outlaw people, we kind of them because they are charming. He had his hands in a lot of different things and I think - I don't condone what he did but I also get why we sort of love and why we want to follow his journey.

One last question. You've done the Cruise-Liman picture, what are you wanting to do next? Where do you see yourself going?

Oh my gosh. Maybe like an action or a comedy. I'm not sure. I'm trying to figure that out right now. But, you know, thank goodness I was able to work with these two because they were amazing.

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