'American Idol' Producer Adapting 'Fame' Film Into TV Series

American Idol Producer Making Fame TV Show

TV mogul Nigel Lythgoe - the executive producer behind some incredibly successful shows such as American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance - is launching a new series based on the 1980 film Fame.

According to Deadline, Lythgoe is partnering with MGM Television, who was responsible for the 1983 TV series also based on the film.

On her involvement with the show, Roma Khanna, President of Television and Digital for MGM, said:

"This is a great opportunity for MGM to partner with world-class producer Nigel Lythgoe, whose unmatched experience with telling the true stories of talented people striving for success will set Fame apart."

The series is said to adhere to the spirit and outline of the original film, which follows the lives of several teenagers who attend a high school in New York for students with talent in the performing arts. The series will incorporate current social themes found in today's world, including celebrity obsession, the desire for exclusivity, and the struggle associated with trying to stand out in the extremely competitive world of entertainment. In the age of the Kardashian empire's success and shows like The Real Housewives, these themes appear more relevant than ever.

American Idol Judges

Speaking of fame, American Idol is coming up on it's 12th season and has launched the career of such big names in music today as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson, and many more. It has also boasted some big celebrity judges including Ellen DeGeneres, Steven Tyler, Mariah Carey and the big three it started with, Randy Jackson (the last, original man standing), Paula Abdul, and of course, the very blunt and very opinionated Simon Cowell.

So You Think You Can Dance is also wrapping up it's ninth season, making these two shows outlast many of their competitors. One might speculate that Lythgoe definitely knows his audience and that Fame could also soon be on its way to success. Only time will tell.


Source: Deadline

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