American Idol's New Judges: Steven Tyler & Jennifer Lopez

It's been a shaky couple of years for American Idol - I'm not just talking about the lack of quality contestants (zing!). There's been just as much disharmony behind the judging table as there has been on the stage (double zing!): first song writer Kara DioGuardi was wedged into the show before season 8, followed promptly by Paula Abdul's exit from the show after season 8. As a replacement for Abdul, Fox inexplicably tapped talk show host Ellen DeGeneres...who ended up not really judging anybody.

Finally, Simon Cowell - arguably the show's most beloved character - decided it was time for him to move on to less discordant pastures after Idol's ninth season. A short time after Season 9 winner Lee DeWyze was crowned, DioGuardi left the show (or was dropped), while Ellen bowed-out after coming to the realization that she isn't really good at judging people (she does have that Ellen-brand loveable persona to protect, after all).

At this point American Idol fans are longing for the simple days of Randy, Paula, Simon - but do they still feel that way now that Fox has announced its new judging panel for American Idol season 10?

Truly it's a new dawn and a new decade for American Idol. Fox announced today via live press conference that the new American Idol judges for season 10 will be Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler - the exact lineup that everyone has been speculating on for months.

While the judging lineup may not be that much of a shocker, it still is unclear what "characters" these new judges will play. Argue all you want about how much "real" is actually in reality TV, but the character dynamic amongst the original "Idol Three" was always clear to me: Randy was the cool uncle, Paula was the boozy mother, and Simon was the disapproving father (with Ryan Seacrest thrown in as the peppy over-achieving son-in-law). One big happy family. What the family dynamic between these new judges will be is anybody's guess.

The new American Idol judges are giving a press conference to talk about their appointment to panel of the most popular TV show in America. You can watch the live broadcast live HERE (if it's working), or check back with this post for updates.

In the meantime: How do you feel about American Idol's new judges? Did they go with who you expected, or did you have a better panel in mind?

Source: Fox & TMZ

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