American Idol: Chris Is GONE!

Wow... say what you want about Simon Cowell, but he's right when he says that one weak night can send you home.

Chris Daughtry was sent home last night and it was obvious that he was stunned. Truth be told, so was I. My family was really pulling for the guy, and yes, even voting every week.

I thought his performance on Tuesday (Elvis night) was not very outstanding and that came back to bite him. Especially since in a category like that he should have (excuse the pun) rocked.

No worries though as I'm absolutely sure the guy will get snatched up for a record contract, if he hasn't been already.

So I guess now I'm pulling for dark horse Taylor. I always wanted to see him go at least final three, but who knows? Maybe his unconventional and fun style will win everyone over.

Now Elliot I just can't figure still being there. Sure, great voice, but American Idol? Naaaah.

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