'American Hustle' Preview: The Painter vs. The Forger

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American Hustle is out in theaters now - but is it worth all the awards season hype it's been getting? Watch the preview above and judge for yourself.

The film is the latest from director David O. Russell, who has enjoyed both a critically and commercially successful comeback run with recent films like The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook. In fact, American Hustle brings back many of the principal cast members of those films - Fighter stars Christian Bale and Amy Adams, and Silver Linings stars Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence - for the tale of a con-artist couple caught up in an FBI agent's high-stakes operation to expose government corruption.

Russell is known for his snappy and off-beat ensemble pieces and American Hustle certainly has one of the best ensemble of the year - even if Russell's unique style may not be what everyone expects.


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American Hustle is currently in theaters.

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