Should American Horror Story Be Canceled?

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For most long-standing American Horror Story fans, there is thankfully a small glimmer of hope on the horizon. Murphy's plans for the show's future are as mysterious as they have ever been, but audiences know that a Murder House/Coven crossover series is out there somewhere. Given that the first and the third seasons are usually held as American Horror Story at its best, this would be a smart return to the series' roots.

With Murder-Coven guaranteed to bring back some familiar faces, FX might even be able to persuade big names like Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott, Angela Bassett, and Kathy Bates to return. As with anything Horror Story related, there are always huge questions over if/when Jessica Lange could appear. For the first four seasons of the horror anthology, Lange reigned supreme (quite literally) and helped lead the show to greatness. Her roles as Constance Langdon and Fiona Goode leave some wiggle room for a return, and with Constance as pretty much the sole survivor of season 1's bloodbath, she could be primed for a crossover comeback.

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But, is it all enough? Over the years American Horror Story has gone from something that could be genuinely quite scary to a watered-down social commentary. Looking at Murphy's other venture, Scream Queens, the candy-coated tone of sororities and Emma Roberts playing an uber bitch isn't that far from what Horror Story has become. It would take a serious plummet in the ratings for FX to call it a day after season 8, but stranger things have happened to Murhpy's ventures. Scream Queens was memorably saved from cancelation after its premiere season, then limped half-heartedly to the end of its second run.

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These days, it looks like Murphy is too busy making meta references or pulling apart the US electoral system to remember what made Horror Story so different. It's a situation that's reminiscent of Shondaland and Grey's Anatomy - even 12 years down the line, there is no denying that the blood and tear-soaked halls of the Grace Sloan Memorial Hospital aren't what they used to be. So, is there any saving the horror of Horror Story?

Sure, American Horror Story could technically continue for as long as there are real-life horror stories to inspire us. Weaving crossover seasons, the return of famous faces, and more elaborate schticks to pull fans back, it is easy to see season 10 and beyond, but the question is, do we really need it? In a changed TV landscape - and one that is already saturated with Murphy's distinctive style - American Horror Story in desperate need of some blood-letting, or for Murphy to swing the axe on his own mutated baby before it gets out of hand. Ultimately, the ratings will decide this one!

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