American Horror Story: Sarah Paulson Hints at Coven Character's Return

Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story universe provides a unique playing ground for the show's actors. With each new season exploring a new theme, location and period in time, a menagerie of compelling characters now exist within an intricate web of connections. As past seasons have proven, these characters are not confined to their particular niche in Murphy's world - as crossover reprisals of fan favorites create another dimensional layer of complexity - and in this world, dead does not mean gone.

Series regular Sarah Paulson is no stranger to this multi-character phenomenon, as her AHS portfolio sometimes requires her to resurrect a past character alongside a current one, as the narrative calls for. There are many to chose from, but the Emmy-winning actress has just revealed which of her roles she would like to see return for a future season cameo. Could this be a hint at what is to come?

American Horror Story helped revive the TV anthology genre, while laying the foundation for a potential major crossover at some point in the future - an idea Murphy has expressed his intention to explore. The show has been renewed by FX for a further three seasons, giving its creators plenty of time to bring this concept to fruition - and the show's fans just as long to speculate about what said crossover season plot will entail. Paulson has had a main role in every season since her debut in season 1: Murder House, and her possible revival choice, Coven's supreme witch Cordelia Foxx, has solid narrative possibilities for a future return.

Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story Roanoke

Paulson discussed this idea at the Paley Fest Panel (as revealed by Deadline), mentioning the character's growing powers as her reason. Coven's witch characters have been referenced outside of their own season with a character cameo (Gabourey Sidibe) in season 5: Hotel, and with the historical back story of Lady Gaga's wood witch character in season 6: Roanoke (revealed by Murphy to be the original 'supreme'). Paulson's Coven character was also briefly mentioned in Hotel - suggesting that the character was still alive and supreme-ing at that point in the AHS timeline.

With Paulson's long history on American Horror Story, her variety of character roles past and her muse-like relationship with Murphy, it is not unlikely that she will be a key player of any crossover Murphy is conjuring from his vast horror imagination. If Murphy's previous comments are to be taken as certainty, and a Murder House/Coven season is on the cards, Paulson could end up revising more than one role yet again, as her season 1 and 5 psychic Billie Dean Howard could also return.

With season 7 centering around a presidential election, it could be a long time before we see this crossover season, or Cordelia Foxx back on our screens. Coven was as stylized a season as we have come to enjoy and expect from AHS, yet the glamorous and backstabbing witches resonated exceptionally well with fans, providing much quotable social media fodder in the way of gifs and memes. If Paulson gets her wish, these storyline elements could make a satisfying revival.

American Horror Story returns for its seventh season later this year.

Source: Deadline

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