American Horror Story Season 7 Offers Final Clue Ahead of Title Reveal

Ryan Murphy is offering one last clue before the American Horror Story season 7 title reveal on Thursday. The anthology mastermind has been sharing hints about the show's next chapter ever since he joined Instagram in May, posting a series of casting announcements, nightmarish potential monsters, haunting patriotic decor (no doubt in reference to the election theme), and even a tease for the return of Freak Show's serial killer clown Twisty.

Murphy has also shared a fair bit of information outside of his social media, especially given his proclivity for mystery surrounding upcoming AHS installments. He announced back in February that this season will focus on the 2016 presidential election and will pick up on election night, then clarified shortly thereafter that it won't feature Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton directly. We also know AHS regulars Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Adina Porter, and Cheyenne Jackson are returning alongside new-to-the-series faces like Scream Queens' Billie Lourd, Billy on the Street host Billy Eichner, Arrow'Colton Haynes, and Leslie Grossman (Popular, What I Like About You).

The newest tip comes yet again via a photo Murphy shared on Instagram, this time in the form of a man covered head-to-toe in a swarm of bees. "AHS last clue before this week's TITLE reveal. Ideas?" he captioned the picture simply, offering little more context.

AHS last clue before this week's TITLE reveal. Ideas?

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Commenters quickly got to guessing, with theories ranging from politically relevant concepts like climate change to broader themes like nightmares, panic, and phobias. Some also pointed out that the image could easily tie back to another photo Murphy posted several days ago. It featured what looks like a face covered in holes, which upon second look, could be a bee hive.

Whatever the case may be, it's clear that AHS season 7, like its many predecessors, will be driven by fear. But given what Murphy has chosen to tease, "phobias" is a pretty solid guess, and what seems to be the reigning one thus far. The 2016 election dredged up many real-world anxieties for both parties, so it would make sense if AHS used that as a backdrop to explore other everyday terrors.

But Murphy has proven himself apt at throwing curious fans off the scent, and at this point, any specifics are mysterious as ever. It will only be a few short days until the title reveal, so hopefully that will help to clear things up.

American Horror Story season 7 premieres this September on FX.

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Source: Ryan Murphy

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