American Horror Story Season 7: Billie Lourd Set to Star

American Horror Story season 7 casts Billie Lourd, previously starred in Ryan Murphy's horror comedy Scream Queens. Murphy has so far delivered six seasons of his horror anthology series, American Horror Story and it has been a wildly popular hit on FX.

The seventh season is set to begin filming this May, to air in the Fall. As with nearly all of Murphy's shows, he has called upon actors he works with on a regular basis to appear. So far, Murphy regulars Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are on the cast list, as is Billy Eichner.

Now Deadline is reporting that Billie Lourd is also set to star in American Horror Story season 7, though the exact nature of her role (as with all the others), is unknown. Lourd will be familiar to most as the daughter of the late Carrie Fisher. The actress appeared alongside her mom in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as Lieutenant Connix, a small role she will reprise for The Last Jedi later this year. Lourd has also worked with Murphy before, becoming one of the breakout stars of another of his horror shows, Scream Queens, which she starred in alongside AHS alum Emma Roberts and Glee alum, Lea Michele.

As for the plot details of AHS' seventh season, the only thing we know is that it will unfold in the aftermath of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, with the first episode set on election night. A satirical take on events that changed global politics, perhaps, but it's more likely that American Horror Story will deviate from the path of factual events and descend into something altogether more twisted and macabre. After all, Murphy is the man that brought us murderous Nuns in AHS: Asylum, and Twisty the barbaric clown in AHS: Freak Show. Indeed, executive producer Tim Minear says that the idea for season 7 is "completely bats," so that's something to look forward to.

American Horror Story

After the global smash that was Glee left our screens after six seasons, Murphy has gone on to enjoy vast success with his anthology series. American Crime Story had a very strong first season, retelling the trial of O.J. Simpson, based on the book The Run of His Life: The People v. O.J. Simpson. Two more seasons of American Crime Story are already in the works, focused on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and the murder of Versace.

Meanwhile, Murphy's newest anthology, Feud, has also enjoyed strong reviews. Starring Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon as Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, respectively, the eight episode season recounted the infamous feud between the two Hollywood legends on the set of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Feud already has a second season in the works following Charles and Diana, which will retell the breakdown of the marriage of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana.

With so many series all running at the same time, there is always the danger that Murphy will spread himself too thin, but that doesn't seem to be happening at all. In fact, it seems that the more projects Murphy takes on, the more ideas he has, so long may it continue.

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American Horror Story season 7 will air on FX this Fall.

Source: Deadline

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