American Horror Story Season 6 Promo Teases Children of the Corn

Ah, American Horror Story season 6, how it loves to play mind games with its fans. Over the last month or so, AHS devotees have been absolutely inundated with promos and teaser posters for the oddly titled ?6, with seemingly little to no thematic connection between the vast majority of them. This was further compounded by FX boss John Landgraf's public admission that most of the promo clips were simply meant to misdirect the audience, with only a handful of the previews released to date actually offering hints at what ?6 has in store for viewers.

Opinions on this deceptive marketing strategy vary among American Horror Story fans, with some feeling that trying to solve FX's puzzle has been a fun exercise to undertake while awaiting the new season, while others are rapidly getting sick of wondering what the new season is truly going to be about. Either way, it's hard to argue that Ryan Murphy and co's approach hasn't succeeded in getting people talking about AHS ?6.

FX has released yet another teaser video for AHS season 6, with this one continuing the recent pattern of clearly referencing a well-known horror film or franchise. The new clip, titled 'The Lesson', can be seen above and evokes tropes associated with the long-running Children of the Corn film series. Based on a Stephen King short story, Children of the Corn stands as one of the most prolific horror franchises of all time, having so far seen 9 loosely connected films produced, with a 10th installment currently in production.

American Horror Story Season 6 Teasers

Another classic horror property the above AHS ?6 promo is likely to bring back memories of is 1960 British sci-fi tinged shocker Village of the Damned, which concerned a group of supernaturally altered children with mind control powers that wreaked havoc on a small town. Damned was also remade in 1995 by legendary genre director John Carpenter. In both films, the protagonist eventually becomes the sinister kids' teacher, leading to many unnerving scenes that mirror the classroom motif presented above, albeit not within a corn field.

That all said, one wonders whether American Horror Story season 6 will even involve evil kids and/or cornfields, or whether the above promo is just yet another deception. It's really anyone's guess at this point, since neither Murphy nor FX seems eager to clear up the confusion among fans. After all this hype, here's hoping what viewers actually receive lives up to expectations.

American Horror Story returns for season 6 on September 14th, 2016.

Source: FX

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