American Horror Story Season 6 Promo: One by One

There are certain things in life that are inevitable. Death. Taxes. Reboots. Lately though, another inevitable aspect pop culture has emerged: New teaser promos for American Horror Story: ?6. For a couple of months now, FX has steadily been releasing a string of seemingly unconnected teaser clips for the new AHS season, some of which serve to evoke classic horror properties from yesteryear, while others have hinted at ?6 potentially containing just about every conceivable genre trope known to humanity.

As has become very well-known, FX publicly admitted that most of these strange promos are nothing but misdirects, intended to mislead AHS fans about what exactly awaits them when they sit down to take in ?6's premiere episode. Some folks have expressed frustration with this deceptive marketing strategy, while others have enjoyed trying to piece together the enigmatic puzzle that ?6 has become. Either way, the wide variety of grotesque scenarios presented in the teasers have certainly gotten people talking about AHS' return to TV.

The latest teaser promo for ?6 is entitled "Backtrack," and while a good deal shorter than many of the others, it still manages to pack quite the punch in the gross-out department. The promo can be viewed above, and like several other bits of ?6's marketing, is likely to cause severe revulsion from those with a phobia about creepy crawlies invading their bodies.

American Horror Story season 6 promos are 'misdirects'

Featuring a line of large insects, "Backtrack" earns its name the moment one of the tiny creatures burrows inside the back of the unlucky person bending down directly in front of the camera. Whether the person is supposed to be alive or dead while this ghastly circumstance takes place is unclear, as they don't move a muscle. This is sure to evoke memories of the AHS: ?6 poster that contained the image of spiders crawling out of a woman's eye sockets. A later teaser followed up on that by having a spider crawl out of a woman's mouth. One wonders which option is worse, the bugs crawling in or the arachnids crawling out?

At this point, the sheer number of promos for American Horror Story season 6 has made it very difficult to try and figure out which of the clips actually hint at what ?6's story will concern. Of course, there's the chance that FX has chosen to really be mean about things, and still has yet to release the truthful teasers. Thankfully, only a couple more weeks remain until the season premiere, and - presumably - all will then be revealed.

American Horror Story season 6 premieres on FX September 14th, 2016.

Source: FX

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