American Horror Story Season 6: Sarah Paulson Confirmed to Return

Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story Hotel

As FX continues to release cryptic teaser clips and spider-filled posters for American Horror Story season 6, anticipation for the anthology drama's return steadily grows. While opinions on each season can sometimes be mixed among fans, AHS remains one of the most creative shows on cable, filling each new entry with enough gore, nudity, monsters, and general weirdness to rival the gorgeously nightmarish output of classic Italian horror filmmakers like Lucio Fulci and Dario Argento. Whether AHS lives up to the work of those masters is a matter of opinion, but the series never fails to try and top itself in the craziness department each time out.

Over the course of 2016, many of American Horror Story's usual players have either publicly confirmed their involvement with AHS: ?6 or hinted at it in interviews, including last year's biggest addition, Lady Gaga. While many had understandable concerns about whether the pop star had the acting chops necessary to lead a show, Gaga easily exceeded expectations, earning a Golden Globe for her work as Hotel's seductively sinister vampire The Countess. Needless to say Gaga's return has been mostly met with open arms by the AHS faithful, despite some lingering sadness over the departure of former leading lady Jessica Lange.

Thankfully for fans, another vital component of the AHS puzzle has just confirmed that she'll be coming back for another round, that being Sarah Paulson as reported by TV Line. While actors and actresses have come and gone from AHS' roster over the years, Paulson has appeared in every single season to date, albeit only as a guest star in Murder House.

Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story Freak Show

From Asylum onward, Paulson has commanded the screen, playing roles varying all the way from a wrongfully committed reporter to a drug-addicted undead prostitute. Paulson announced her return at a TCA gathering earlier today, although she naturally declined to offer any more details on her character.

In addition to Gaga and Paulson, Angela Bassett - who first joined the AHS troupe for Coven - and Cheyenne Jackson, another new addition from last year's Hotel, have also officially been confirmed for the cast of AHS ?6. Other series veterans Emma Roberts, Evan Peters, Finn Wittrock, Wes Bentley, Denis O’Hare, Kathy Bates, and Matt Bomer have also all hinted at taking part when asked about the subject in recent months, seemingly waiting to get the call from Murphy to iron out what exactly they'll be doing.

As shrouded in mystery as the plot of American Horror Story season 6 is at present, one thing that's hard to question is the dedication of AHS' assembled collection of recurring on-screen talent. Each season always seems to add great new players to the mix, and the fact that so many opt to keep participating year after year is a testament to how fulfilling of a working environment Murphy must be providing.

American Horror Story season 6 premieres September 14th, 2016 on FX.

Source: TVLine

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