American Horror Story Season 6 Teaser: A Monster in the Mist

American Horror Story Season 6 Teasers

While American Horror Story always tends to be quite secretive going into each new season, this year's season 6 seems to be trying its best to surpass every previous installment in that regard. Currently subtitled ?6, AHS season 6 has been releasing cryptic teaser clips and posters for weeks now, each seemingly suggesting a different type of monster or terrifying scenario. Fans have been dutifully trying to solve the puzzle ever since, eager to figure out what exactly AHS ?6 has in store.

The confusion was further compounded earlier this week, when FX boss John Landgraf made it known that the teasers were intentionally meant to mislead fans, with only one of them actually hinting at ?6's true plot. Elements teased so far have included backwoods farmhouse murder, glowing-eyed monsters, demon babies, unnecessary surgery, and spiders emerging from eye sockets. Now that fans are aware that only one of these teases are correct, the quest now becomes trying to figure out which one is truthful.

Of course, there's a chance none of the previously released teasers are in fact the legitimate one, as FX has now released yet another teaser for AHS ?6. The clip can be viewed in full above, and features a bizarre monster emerging from a thick mist and heading down train tracks toward the camera.

American Horror Story Season 6 Teasers

Coolness of that creature aside, one wonders if FX perhaps made a mistake by tipping their hand concerning the fact that only one of AHS ?6's teasers points to the season's actual storyline. While the mystery element might indeed entice some fans into trying to figure out which teaser isn't a misdirect, others are just as likely to become annoyed by the idea that Ryan Murphy and company are wasting their time with multiple clips that Landgraf essentially admitted really don't mean anything.

For instance, will the creature above appear in AHS season 6? Or was he created for no reason other than to deceive those who might think they've figured out what ?6 will really be about? Was there a point to the poster with the eye spiders, outside of simply to make those who saw it gasp? At this point, some American Horror Story fans would be perfectly in the right to wonder why they should bother even trying to solve FX's mystery, when one presumes that even more false teasers will be released prior to ?6's September premiere, further muddying the waters.

Whatever one's individual stance on this marketing strategy, it's sure getting people talking - which may have just been the real goal after all.

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American Horror Story season 6 premieres September 14, 2016 on FX.

Source: FX

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