American Horror Story Season 6 Promo Features New Lady Gaga Single

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After months of seemingly unconnected teaser promos, next week finally sees the premiere of American Horror Story season 6. Referred to simply as ?6, the theme and premise of the season has been kept entirely under wraps by Ryan Murphy and FX, with network executives almost gleefully admitting the fact that all but one of the teasers were intended to misdirect the audience concerning what was really in store for them upon tuning in. This deceptive marketing strategy has created a level of buzz around American Horror Story arguably never seen before, even if some fans have found themselves frustrated by the lack of concrete information.

Interestingly, some believe that cable listings may have inadvertently spoiled the surprise, indicating that American Horror Story season 6's final subtitle will be The Mist. Those paying attention to all the various teasers will recall that one included a grotesque creature walking forward along a set of railroad tracks, while shrouded in a thick layer of mist. Understandably, nobody involved with the show has publicly addressed the accuracy of the aforementioned listing, so its veracity is still in question.

With only five short days left until all is finally revealed, FX has released what feels like it might very well be the final entry in the AHS: ?6 teaser onslaught. Set to series star Lady Gaga's latest single "Perfect Illusion", the promo is itself titled Illusion, and is basically a supercut of clips from the prior teasers for season 6 - reminding fans just how many hypothetical scenarios for ?6 have been presented thus far. You can check out the promo above and, if you like, then listen to Gaga's "Perfect Illusion" in full, below:

While it obviously makes sense from a promotional standpoint to make use of a new song by one of AHS' stars in one of season 6's promos, the song choice is clearly intended to reference FX's strategy of releasing dozens of teasers that essentially mean nothing beyond looking cool. Those lying teasers are themselves in essence the "perfect illusion" Gaga refers to in the lyrics, serving to merely distract fans with smoke and mirrors.

So, will American Horror Story season 6 really be subtitled The Mist? At this point, it's impossible to say with any level of certainty. FX has played quite the shell game with its audience so far, and the game won't truly end until fans sit down next week and finally get to find out whether the reality of ?6 measures up to the fantasy of all its hype.

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American Horror Story season 6 premieres Wednesday, September 14 on FX.

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