American Horror Story Season 6 Gets a New Poster & Teasers

American Horror Story season 6 "Shadow" teaser

Fans are only one month out from the premiere of American Horror Story season 6, but FX's shell game with the American Horror Story faithful concerning what exactly the new season will be about continues unabated. For several weeks, FX has been releasing cryptic teaser clips and posters for the vaguely dubbed ?6, and fans have spent that same amount of time trying to sleuth out what exactly they mean. Unfortunately, FX boss John Landgraf has admitted that the majority of the teasers essentially mean nothing, as all but one is a red herring intended to lead fans away from the truth.

FX recently added a new entrant into the teaser battle, that being a clip of a bizarre monster emerging from a cloud of thick mist. Whether that was the correct hint at the plot of ?6 or simply another misdirect obviously remains anyone's guess at this point. If nothing else, attempting to solve the mystery seems to be creating quite a bit of fan interest.

FX has now revealed two more teasers for American Horror Story: ?6, and they are easily some of the weirdest to date. The first can be seen above, and features a woman cutting down a set of creepy wind chimes bearing the ?6 logo. Things get even more odd when the chimes hit the floor, and are revealed as what looks like dozens of human teeth, which presumably weren't donated voluntarily. The other teaser can be seen below, along with a new poster.

American Horror Story season 6 poster

As becomes quickly apparent, the second of today's teasers is much more subdued than the first, although still quite odd in its own way. A woman is seen walking up what looks to be a long, winding castle staircase, only to be followed and then attacked by a creature seemingly made of shadow. The style of this sequence seems to be a clear nod to the silent horror classic Nosferatu, whose infamous villain too sometimes moved in shadow.

As for the poster, well, it's pretty self-explanatory. It contains hooks, hooks, and more hooks, with what appears to be blood on some of them. This evokes another - albeit much more recent - classic horror film, Clive Barker's Hellraiser. The demonic villains in that film often employed hooks to rip and tear at the flesh of their victims.

Of course, as intriguing as the above teasers and poster are, the question still remains: Are any of these actually an indication of what's to come with American Horror Story: ?6? Until if and when FX or the show's co-creator Ryan Murphy choose to clarify things, fans are simply left to wait and ponder the answer for themselves.

American Horror Story season 6 premieres on September 14, 2016.

Source: FX

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