American Horror Story Season 6 Gets a Spider-Happy Poster

American Horror Story Season 6

Over its 5 seasons on the air (so far), Ryan Murphy's FX anthology American Horror Story has developed a reputation for creating complex stories that sometimes take on the qualities of a ever-worsening nightmare, incorporating nearly every horror element known to humankind into its batch of wicked entertainment.

For instance, last year's American Horror Story: Hotel featured vampires, ghosts, long-dead serial killers, and necrophilia, just to name a few notable plot ingredients. Perhaps the craziest mix was AHS: Asylum, which combined serial killers dressed as Santa Claus, aliens, Nazi doctors conducting experiments, demonic possession, and a hallucinatory dance number.

As usual though, Murphy and company are keeping details on this fall's oddly titled AHS: ?6 pretty close to the vest, with little teases so far suggesting some combination of backwoods farmhouse murder, glowing-eyed monsters, demon babies, unnecessary surgery, and Lady Gaga. The latest teased element to add to season 6's batch is none other than spiders, as seen in FX's latest poster for the series. Feel free to check it out below, but be warned, those with arachnophobia are likely to have an adverse reaction.

American Horror Story season 6 spider poster

As with many of the teaser images and clips released for AHS season 6 so far, the above poster opts to keep its creepiness a bit subtle, as those only taking a glance at the woman featured may simply perceive her to have oddly-shaped eyelashes. It's only when one stops to fully look at the woman's right eye that the horrifying truth is made clear: there are spiders crawling out of her face. On the list of things the average person would not like to happen to them over the course of their life, expelling an arachnid from any part of their body is likely to be up near the top, but the eye would serve as an especially horrifying point of exit.

What exactly the above poster signifies about the plot of AHS: ?6 is unclear, although it seems safe to say that spiders will probably be involved in some fashion. One wonders whether the woman in the image is supposed to be dead, leading her body to become host to a colony of creepy crawlies; an implication likely to inspire many reading this to run from the room in terror. Then again, being alive while the above happened would probably be even worse.

Perhaps Gaga is some type of spider-creature this season? As Gaga's award-winning performance in Hotel proved, she can be sexy enough to charm just about anyone, even when it's against her target's better judgment. Thus, she'd make one spider capable of luring in lots of flies to her parlor.

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American Horror Story returns for season 6 on September 14, 2016.

Source: FX

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