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American Horror Story season 6 details - Lady Gaga

FX's popular anthology series, American Horror Story, will make its return to FX sometime this fall. After three triumphant seasons, featuring an ensemble cast with Jessica Lange in a prominent role, the show lost its footing slightly with season four, American Horror Story: Freak Show. Season five brought about a number of changes, not least the departure of Lange and the arrival of Lady Gaga in her first television role. Of course, the setting changed also, and the fifth AHS outing centered on the warped goings on at the Hotel Cortez.

Showrunners Ryan Murphy and Bead Falchuk always like to keep a shroud of mystery over each season before it comes to air, but even so, usually little tidbits are leaked here and there. However, with the sixth season set to begin filming now (if it hasn't already), it seems the secrecy has been upped, with no one really knowing what the theme for the season will be, or who will be in it - other than a few key returning players from seasons past.

However, FX has now unveiled the American Horror Story season 6 logo via Twitter. As you can see from its minimalist design (see below), the logo reflects the same level of secrecy that has been surrounded the anthology TV show's next season thus far.

American Horror Story Season 6

Various rumors have surfaced in the past few months about exactly what form American Horror Story season 6 could take, though none have been confirmed. Back in January, FX exec John Landgraff said the season will be set in the present day, with "echoes of the past" thrown in, while an "insider" also claimed that the show would focus on The Slender Man for its sixth outing.

With regards to casting; Lange has confirmed that she will not be returning in any capacity, while Lady Gaga has confirmed that she is back, and so is Angela Bassett. Bassett also mentioned that she might be playing a psychic, but added that plans could well change. Just the other day, Cheyenne Jackson tweeted a story about his return to the AHS fold, with the caption "It's true" attached, so it seems safe to assume he is back too. There are rumors (which seem likely) that Murphy has also asked AHS regulars Sarah Paulson, Matt Bomer, and Finn Wittrock to return, though none of those names have confirmed.

While the theme is not known, the new logo seems to hint at some kind of mystery being attached. Also, this being the sixth season could well give way for a number of 666 references. A tenuous link, granted, but Murphy is well known for tenuous storytelling in his shows, so it's not that much of a jump. One thing Murphy and Falchuk must do, if season 6 is to fare well, is to focus on delivering consistently good storytelling, and not resorting to celebrity name casting to keep the show afloat. American Horror Story was, in early seasons, horrifically violent and disturbing, but also driven by genuinely brilliant storytelling, which kept viewers coming back for more.

American Horror Story seasons four and five lost a lot of that, though season four particularly, upped the level of graphic violence just to shock - which meant the show lost much of what made it good in the first place. Let's hope that the secrecy surrounding this new season means that something great is about to be unveiled.

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American Horror Story is expected to air on FX in Fall 2016.

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