American Horror Story: Lady Gaga & Angela Bassett to Return For Season 6

American Horror Story: Hotel - Lady Gaga

In American Horror Story, showrunner Ryan Murphy created an anthology series that perfectly suits his way of working, allowing him to create entirely fresh characters and settings for each season while still maintaining the dark, gruesome tone he wished to achieve. While seasons one through three were well received and critically acclaimed, season four, American Horror Story: Freak Show, seemed to lose its way a little, and came in for a lot of criticism for being hard to follow, messy and for featuring much more gratuitous violence at the expense of any proper story lines.

Things picked up again with the fifth season of the show, American Horror Story: Hotel. Though a lot of the faults still stood; mostly that it was at times messy and hard to follow, the dark humor had returned and the plot lines were much stronger. There were some great performances too; notably from AHS stalwarts Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, and Angela Bassett. But there was one massive pull that AHS: Hotel had above all previous seasons; Lady Gaga.

Making her small screen debut, Gaga played the bloodsucking fashionista, The Countess, owner of the eponymous Hotel Cortez. Gaga fully embraced the role, bringing much of the theatricality she showcases in her music career, so it will come as good news for fans of the show that the singer has confirmed she will be back for the sixth American Horror Story season.

Speaking to radio station Z100 (via Collider), Gaga gave a firm 'yes' when asked if she wold be back, adding: "I can’t promise you how or when or anything like that.” Filming for season 6 doesn't start until June, with an air date expected sometime this fall and as yet, only the time setting is known. FX President John Ladgraff teased that the season will take place primarily in the present day, with echoes of the past thrown in. Though the prominence of her role is not known, it seems as though Gaga might be Murphy's replacement for AHS alum Jessica Lange, who featured in the first four seasons of the show.

Angela Bassett confirmed for American Horror Story season 6

Another actress returning to the franchise is Angela Bassett, who has appeared in three previous seasons of the show; Coven, Freak Show, and Hotel. Talking to Collider while promoting her newest film, London Has Fallen, Bassett confirmed her involvement and also hinted at the nature of her character:

“I will be back… I think I might be psychic. I think. But it can all change, we don’t start filming until June this year, so anything is possible and everything can change between now and then.”

Given the psychic comment, it could well be that it's Bassett's character that connects the show to the past, as she looks back into other character's previous misdemeanors, or even past lives, maybe? There are rumors that the season could focus on The Slender Man but no theme for the season is currently confirmed, or, indeed, any further casting details. However, with filming only three months away, we should get that all-important title soon.

American Horror Story season 6 will premiere on FX this fall.

Source: Z100 [via Collider]

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