American Horror Story Season 6 Officially Ordered By FX

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The award-winning American Horror Story is well into its 5th season with ratings that display its popularity and fan base. Over its five seasons, AHS has attracted a range of impressive cast members and covered a multitude of gruesome themes - never shying from the dramatic, ghastly and wonderfully bizarre contents of horror's creepy basement of sub genres.

On top of favorable ratings and an impressive total of thirteen Emmy wins to date, it is no surprise that FX are betting on creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's continued creative ingenuity. The network has officially announced that American Horror Story has been renewed and will be returning for a sixth season next year.

American Horror Story is an avant-garde, extravaganza of the macabre that has revitalized the concept of television anthology series by reassembling its cast into an entirely new set of characters and theme each season. The current series pays tribute to the established horror backdrop of a haunted hotel with the added feature of vampiric beings, zombie like children and more. Regular cast members (Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters) have been joined in season 5 by other recurring actors (Angela Bassett, Wes Bentley, Chloe Sevigny, Finn Wittrock, Matt Bomer and Dennis O'Hare) as well as newcomers to the show (Cheyenne Jackson, Max Greenfield and the radical Lady Gaga).

So far, season 5 has raised the ratings game by succeeding the average ratings of previous seasons, with the season premiere taking the title of second most watched broadcast in the channels history (the premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show coming in first). FX Networks and Productions CFO John Landgraf discussed the decision to renew the network's prize show in his statement today:

“With the sixth installment coming next year, American Horror Story has unquestionably joined the ranks of television’s landmark series........... From Murder House to Hotel, AHS has pioneered a new television form as well becoming FX’s highest rated show -- while also pushing every conceivable boundary of creative excellence and audacity. This is even more remarkable because Ryan and co-creator Brad Falchuk tear up the playbook every year, challenging the entire creative team to come up with something even more spectacular, frightful and entertaining. You could not ask more of an artist, their team or a series and with every new installment they deliver.”

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Despite initial fears that the absence of series regular and icon Jessica Lange, plus the subsequent casting of music icon Lady Gaga could have a negative impact on this season's popularity, on average of 6.9 million viewers seem to be enjoying American Horror Story: Hotel thus far. The show still boasts a noteworthy cast list and the risk taken by furnishing the maniacally talented but fairly inexperienced (in terms of acting roles) Gaga with a such a high profile part appears to have been a clever and perfect choice.

Although season six is yet to even be written, this news will likely start a wave of speculation over what horror mash up themes will be dreamed up next in Murphy and Falchuk's pop visionary minds. The creators are particularly fond of teasing details with insightful marketing and social media hints, so no doubt the information fans will be craving shouldn't be too far off. Murphy has publicly stated on Twitter that Gaga is invited to return to AHS - which could mean he hopes her to be the permanent replacement for the formidable Lange.

American Horror Story: Hotel is currently airing on Wednesdays on FX at 10pm E/P.

Source: FX, Ryan Murphy

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