American Horror Story Season 6 Gets Two More Promos

American Horror Story Season 6 Bones

It's a day ending in y, which naturally means that FX has released more promos for American Horror Story's mysterious sixth season. Currently titled simply ?6, the latest chapter in the AHS legacy has been shrouded under a veil of secrecy ever since it was announced, with creator Ryan Murphy and company staying silent concerning any major details about the season's storyline or even who will comprise the complete cast. All fans have been given to chew on is a series of seemingly unrelated teaser promos that have now hinted at ?6 possibly including every horror genre trope imaginable.

Of course, as FX boss John Landgraf publicly said awhile back, the majority of the AHS ?6 promos are simply misdirects, intended to confuse fans and throw folks off the scent of what the new season will actually be about. To an extent, this odd marketing strategy has worked, with each new teaser getting fans talking, and leading to wild guesses about which of the clips serve to hint at what's really coming in September.

Unlike the last several entries, FX's latest double-shot of AHS ?6 promos doesn't seem to be directly referencing any known horror properties, although some of the imagery used could be argued as being somewhat reminiscent of films like The Ring or The Crazies. Both of the new teasers can be seen below, and seem unlikely to clear up any confusion among the American Horror Story fanbase concerning season 6's content.


The first promo is entitled Bathing Beauty, and features a woman slumped over a bathtub, with her very long black hair snaking down the drain. The woman's head then spins around to reveal a ghastly, monstrous visage. The second promo is titled Pitch a Fit, and includes what looks to be a woman dragging away a pitchfork from what appears to be a recent murder scene. The pitchfork in question is covered in a viscous black substance that might be blood, or might be something else. It's a bit hard to tell with how darkly lit the video is.

Of course, whether the above promos actually mean anything regarding the subject matter of American Horror Story ?6 remains anyone's guess. Such is the frustration inherent in a promotional tactic centered on deceiving the audience. That said, if the new season ends up being as well received by the masses as Hotel, those who opt to tune in will likely quickly forgive all the misdirection employed in arriving at the premiere episode. If what fans ultimately get doesn't measure up, FX may live to regret the lofty expectations this secretive strategy has created.

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American Horror Story ?6 premieres September 14, 2016 on FX.

Source: FX

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