After an overall-satisfying American Horror Story season 2 finale, precious few details are emerging about season 3 of the anthology series, to be called American Horror Story: Coven. As the title implies, the next installment of creator Ryan Murphy’s series will focus on witchcraft and magic, although plot specifics are still under wraps.

As well as revealing a few hints about new addition Kathy Bates’ character at a panel back in March, Murphy also revealed that he had been kicking around the notion of developing a companion series for AHS. 

There were no other details beyond that, but given Murphy’s fascination with AMC’s The Walking Dead (he has said the wildly popular zombie show was one of his inspirations for creating AHS), his proposed series could be something along the lines of AMC’s The Talking Dead, an unscripted talk show hosted by Chris Hardwick, which brings producers, stars of the show and other guests on the air to discuss the events of that evening’s episode.

After a few months of mainly casting newsThe Hollywood Reporter brings us a report that this companion series project looks to be gaining some traction. FX Networks CEO John Landgraf expressed his interest in the idea:

“We’re thinking about it. If we do it I don’t think we’ll necessarily do it the way AMC does, as a linear thing. We might do an online thing. We haven’t made a final decision but I think there’s a decent possibility we’re going to do something like that for Coven.”

American Horror Story Asylum cast American Horror Story: Coven Could Get A Companion Show On FX

AMC’s approach with The Talking Dead has proved a success, with the episode following April’s season 3 finale reaching a series high. This has prompted AMC to launch Talking Bad, a similarly-formatted show designed to air following the eight final episodes of Breaking Bad, which will return in August.

Should Murphy’s proposed companion piece follow this model? Seeing as how he has done something similar with The Glee Project, it’s not impossible that the series would do something similar to AMC’s follow-up shows. The big difference between the programs is the anthology format of AHS. The show’s exploration of seemingly every horror trope in the history of the genre seems a natural fit for an unscripted show; they could bring in special guests like horror legends Clive Barker and Stephen King to discuss the themes explored in the series and individual episodes – a tad far-fetched, but wouldn’t that be great? 

We’re sure to hear more about this interesting project as the season 3 premiere approaches.

American Horror Story: Coven premieres on FX in the fall of 2013.

Source: THR

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