'American Horror Story' Season 2 Promo & Plot Spoilers

American Horror Story Asylum Blue Coat Teaser

[This article contains details about American Horror Story season 2 that could be considered SPOILERS. Read on at your own risk!]

In case fans weren't already eagerly anticipating season 2 of FX's over-the-top anthology series, American Horror Story, co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have taken it upon themselves to spill some additional details to further whet viewers' appetites - not to mention release over more than ten creepy season 2 teaser promos.

Of course, by now most everyone is on board with the fact that season 2 (under the subtitle of Asylum) will take place in a different locale and time period and feature a whole host of different characters - though many will be played by actors from season 1 (Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson and Zachary Quinto).

With the deluge of trailers and photos being released, there're definitely some questions floating around as to what, exactly, it is everyone's been invited to take a look at. As with the season 1 marketing campaign, where audiences got their first glimpse of Rubber Man suspended over a very pregnant Connie Britton, the season 2 images paint a disturbing picture of what's to come. Since details about American Horror Story: Asylum have been trickling in for some time now - making fans aware not only of the basic set-up, but also some information regarding many of the key relationships involved - all of this new stuff might be teetering on the verge of spoiler-y.

For starters, Ryan Murphy has taken to calling Asylum the series' version of "a workplace drama" - which, as he also states, would be the natural progression from last season's "family drama." This year, however, instead of a house playing host to spirits of the recently and not-so-recently departed, the setting will be an asylum run by nuns that counts among its staff and guests a group of aliens, a Nazi doctor, some mutants and a serial killer by the name of Bloody Face (derived from his penchant for wearing the skin of his victims as a mask). Apparently, no one bothered to notice that Bloody Face also dresses in a black nightgown and opera gloves, or his name might have been something quite different.

If that sounds appropriately crazy to you, then Murphy is confident he's done his job, as he had this to say about the upcoming second installment of the anthology:

“I don’t think people tune in to the show because they want 'My Dinner With Andre.' I think they want to be scared. I’m just writing what I would like to see. I’m scared of aliens and I’m scared of Nazis and I’m scared of nuns. So it’s the perfect stew of horror and fear.”

American Horror Story Asylum Blue Coat Teaser

After Murphy and Falchuk issued a statement that season 2 would forego supernatural elements, some fans may have been a little doubtful Asylum would be able to achieve the level of shock season 1 so gloriously put on display. Season 2 newcomer Adam Levine believes nothing could be further from the truth:

"It is absolutely terrifying. Very gruesome, and what’s great about the fact that it’s on FX is that you can go too far. You can do really unorthodox, crazy things that people are going to talk about.”

The appeal of engaging in "crazy" and "unorthodox" behavior is also what inspired Jessica Lange to return to the series that previously netted her a Golden Globe. Though this time she'll be playing the character of Sister Jude, Lange says Jude is anything but the prim, habit-wearing nun she should be.

“If I were playing a straitlaced nun, start to finish, I can’t say that would interest me too much. What’s great are the extremes. To go from where she was and where she’s getting to, that’s what’s going to be interesting.”

Since Sister Jude is reportedly involved in a romance of sorts with Joseph Fiennes' character, it's clear that she's got more going on than merely running an asylum.

If aliens, Nazis and eccentrically dressed serial killers are your idea of a good time, then you've only a short time to wait as American Horror Story: Asylum is set to premiere in October.

You can catch American Horror Story: Aslyum on Wednesday, October 17th @10pm on FX, and Screen Rant will be sure to keep you updated on the series until then.


Source: EW

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