'American Horror Story' Season 2 Teaser Trailer: Creepy Nuns & A Blue Coat

American Horror Story Asylum Blue Coat Teaser

Rather than give viewers an ongoing series that follows a single cast of characters throughout its entire run, American Horror Story is trying something pretty unique. Creator Ryan Murphy, while not as upfront with his plans during the series' first season, has designed American Horror Story to be an anthology, with each season focusing on a different setting, time period, and ghostly phenomenon.

Details are still slim regarding American Horror Story's second season, which features the return of some season 1 actors like Jessica Lange (in a completely different role); however, a new teaser has arrived that promises the series hasn't lost its ultra-creepy factor. What we do know is that season two will be appropriately subtitled "Asylum", and will be set in a mental hospital circa 1964 -hence the old-timey nurse/nun outfits in the teaser.

The footage itself is shot in the same style as the season one intro and teaser trailers, which setup the history behind the Harmon's haunted mansion, and is equally as perplexing. There's a definite focus on a blue coat, but our guess is as good as any if it is meant as a form of misdirection or will be an important part of season two. Murphy likes to layer American Horror Story's narrative with equal parts intrigue and bone-chilling sequences – a major factor contributing to the mysterious nature of this teaser.

While Murphy recently took to Twitter to answer fans' questions regarding the series, he was decidedly vague and didn't give too much away. So far what we know is that along with Lange, Zachary Quinto and Evan Peters will be returning from Season 1 (once again, in completely different roles), and newcomers like Maroon 5's Adam Levine and James Cromwell will join them.

American Horror Story Asylum Blue Coat Teaser

At first it was assumed that Lange would be a one-off addition to the show – deliver a captivating performance, earn some awards show nods and wins, and then move on – but clearly she and Murphy have developed a close bond. It wouldn't surprise us if Lange's incredible performance lured Cromwell to his role as Dr. Arden, as well.

With a growing cast of seasoned veterans and bright-eyed newcomers, Murphy is ensuring that American Horror Story's second season is equally as compelling as its first. Some of the initial uncertainty that existed during those early episodes might be lost –  viewers will now come to expect the weird – but that shouldn't diminish season two's appeal.

American Horror Story returns with its second season, 'Asylum,' in October.


Source: FX

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