'American Horror Story' Season 2 Trailer & Five-Minute Preview Reveal Story Details

Adam Levine in 'American Horror Story' Season 2 five-minute preview trailer

We’ve seen a lot of quick teases for American Horror Story: Asylum - and while all 22 of them feature curious and eerie visuals, it’s this one-minute trailer that finally gives us a good sense of what we’re in for while making the shift from season 1's murder house to the season 2 asylum.

To fans’ surprise, showrunner Ryan Murphy opted to cut the story arc of season 1 off at the finale, starting season 2 with an entirely new premise (and many new characters). While it was sad to say goodbye to the Harmons and their otherworldly housemates, Asylum looks to be packed with fresh concepts and scares - yet still under the watchful eye of Jessica Lange, who’s now the head of the Briarcliff Manor insane asylum.

The piece kicks off with Adam Levin’s haunted honeymoon tour, which you can now see in full, as the first five minutes of American Horror Story: Asylum just popped up over on the show’s Facebook page:



Adam Levine in 'American Horror Story' Season 2 five-minute preview trailer


Sarah Paulson seems to have taken Connie Britton’s leading lady spot as Lana, a reporter who doesn’t quite trust Lange’s Sister Jude - and, by the end of the trailer, proves herself right. Zachary Quinto is back as Dr. Oliver Thredson, but even he doesn’t seem to be on Sister Jude’s side, reprimanding her for conditions at the facility. Evan Peters is back and in a new role as well, one that looks to pit him against Lange’s operation this time around.

Lily Rabe is back, too, this time as Sister Mary Eunice, and she certainly feels the wrath of Sister Jude. Even Joseph Fiennes’ Monsignor Timothy Howard doesn’t seem to be fully in line with Sister Jude’s cause, as he preaches to Thredson about “the nature of evil” one moment, but warns an unhappy-looking Jude of what the future could hold the next.

A solid amount of story elements have been revealed, but we all know how it goes with American Horror Story; in the words of Monsignor Howard, “anything can happen,” and, based on this trailer, this new season looks to have even fewer boundaries than the last.

American Horror Story: Asylum premieres on Wednesday, October 17th at 10pm on FX.

Sources: FX & AHS Facebook Page

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