Dylan McDermott returning for American Horror Story 2

‘American Horror Story’ season 1 star Dylan McDermott is poised to return for season 2, ‘Asylum,’ in a new, undisclosed role.

Dylan McDermott returning to AHS

FX’s haunting hit drama American Horror Story: Asylum is welcoming back season 1 star Dylan McDermott - this time at the dreaded Briarcliff Manor - as the actor is set to return for another dose of television terror in season 2.

Last season, McDermott played the adulterous and ill-fated Ben Harmon, who unfortunately didn’t make it out of the LA Murder House alive. However, remaining true to the anthology setup of the series, McDermott will be cast in a new, yet-to-be determined role. While not disclosing many details on McDermott’s new role, AHS creator Ryan Murphy eagerly released the news via his Twitter page.

Said Murphy:

"So thrilled to announce Dylan McDermott is returning to American Horror Story!"

To which McDermott replied with equal enthusiasm via his own Twitter:

"So fucking excited!"

The particulars on who McDermott will be playing or how many AHS: Asylum  episodes he'll be starring in are currently unknown, but the actor will reunite with season one co-stars Zachary Quinto, Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe and Jessica Lange, who headlines this season as Sister Jude, the insidious nun with a checkered past that runs the asylum.

Dylan McDermott returning to AHS - McDermott and Britton

Dylan McDermott and his TV wife Connie Britton in season 1 of ‘American Horror Story’

As for the other Harmons, actress Connie Britton - who currently stars as fading country singer Rayna James on ABC’s freshman drama Nashville - recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter, where she expressed  her willingness to return to American Horror Story if she could find the time:

"If we could ever schedule it, I would definitely love to. Ryan and I have talked about it; it's a little tough shooting a series in Nashville and they're shooting Horror Story right now. But if we could pull it off, I know we will try to do that..."

Actress Taissa Farmiga - who played Britton and McDermott’s TV daughter, Violet Harmon - also has her acting plate full after being cast in Sofia Coppola’s upcoming crime drama The Bling Ring. Based on true events, The Bling Ring also stars Harry Potter’s Emma Watson as the leader of a group of fame-obsessed teenagers, known as the "Bling Ring," who use the Internet to track celebrities in order to rob their homes. Despite Farmiga’s scene-stealing new role, she may yet pop in for future terrifying seasons of American Horror Story.


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Source: THR

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