What To Expect From American Horror Story Season 10

Here's everything we know about American Horror Story season 10, including the show's renewal status, premiere date, story details, and more.

American Horror Story Season 10

Here's what fans can expect from American Horror Story season 10, including a release date and story details. The horror anthology series created by Ryan Murphy saw its most recent season, American Horror Story: 1984, serve as a love letter to the 1980s slasher genre of horror while also throwing in frightening elements stemming from that decade.

What started out as a Friday the 13th situation with seemingly innocent camp counselors being targeted by a serial killer turned into a free-for-all bloodbath in AHS season 9. Margaret (Leslie Grossman) was the mastermind behind the multiple massacres and pinned them on the innocent Mr. Jingles (John Carroll Lynch). With Richard Ramirez (Zach Villa) thrown into the mix, the body counts quickly grew. Camp Redwood then turned into purgatory since the victims found themselves stuck on the grounds as ghosts, except for Brooke (Emma Roberts), who was wrongly convicted for carrying out the murders. Even as the years went by, those still around were hellbent on revenge.

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American Horror Story: 1984 featured the return of series alums Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, Cody Fern, Leslie Grossman, and John Carroll Lynch. The season also saw the introduction of new members to the AHS family, including Angelica Ross, Zach Villa, Gus Kenworthy, Matthew Morrison, and DeRon Horton. Seasoned vets Lily Rabe and Dylan McDermott also served as guest stars. During AHS: 1984, the series celebrated its 100th episode but it looks like the horror anthology still has a bright future in the years to come with American Horror Story season 10 on the way.

American Horror Story Season 10 Renewal


Before American Horror Story season 8 debuted, FX had already announced American Horror Story season 10. The American Horror Story season 10 renewal came in August 2018, giving the writers ample time to develop the milestone season. While the acclaimed horror series has only been renewed through season 10, Murphy has shared that he's had talks with the network and hopes to continue American Horror Story after season 10. It's probable that the future of AHS will be revealed prior to the release of season 10.

American Horror Story Season 10 Release Date Info

American Horror Story

Since American Horror Story first aired in 2011, the series has carried a fall release schedule. The first five seasons premiered in early to mid-October and ran through December or January. The following seasons, however, moved up to a September release and promptly ended in mid-November. It seems very likely that American Horror Story season 10 will follow that schedule and premiere sometime in September 2020. If that's the case, story development will occur through the spring before filming begins in the summer months, which was the case with American Horror Story: 1984.

American Horror Story Season 10 Story Details

American Horror Story

Seeing as though American Horror Story is an anthology series, it's difficult to predict exactly what American Horror Story season 10 will be about. Murphy has stated that the witches from Coven and Apocalypse would make another appearance down the line. AHS veteran, Sarah Paulson, shared her interest in returning to American Horror Story following her absence from 1984. There's a chance that actress could appear in American Horror Story season 10 to reprise her role as Cordelia. Fans will also be patiently waiting to hear if other big names will make their return, including Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, and Angela Bassett.

American Horror Story: 1984 reportedly featured a clue to the American Horror Story season 10 theme in episode 8. So it's possible that American Horror Story season 10 will be about aliens. The sci-fi element was already introduced during American Horror Story and many viewers had hoped the series would revisit the existence of UFOs. Either way, it's a given that Murphy will have another twisted tale ready to share in 2020.

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