American Horror Story: The 10 Scariest Scenes From Season 1, Ranked

The original season of American Horror Story was spookier than all the rest. We're ranking the scariest scenes from season one.

American Horror Story:1984is currently airing on FX but unfortunately, the lack of progression, scare and excitement have made this season a bit lackluster. Where is the scare that made us all fall in love with this show? We have to say that we are longing for some of the elements that made Murder House one of the best things on TV in 2011. Not only were fans scared after watching their weekly episode, but they were also invested in the characters. What would happen to them? How does Connie Britton manage to stay so gorgeous even covered in blood? Will we ever get another character like Jessica Lange’s Constance? Re-live season one with us!

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10 Violet Finds Her Dead Body

Fans of the show were relieved when Tate got to the bathroom in enough time to stop Violet from taking her own life by ingesting pills. We thought wow at least one person will survive this horrible situation. But we were eventually shocked when Violet finds her dead body and realizes that Tate never made it in enough time. She is now decaying in the house. Her body looks disgusting and lifeless, bugs are crawling out of her mouth, her skin is grey and worst of all, rigamortis has set in. meaning she is cold still and probably smells. This image was shown to fans in flashes making it all the more disturbing. 

9 Rubber Suit Assault

There is something just so creepy about thinking that you are having relations with one person and it being someone totally different and not realizing it until it is way too late. The rubber suit was creepy within itself. Not one ounce of skin is exposed, it looks like something could kill you if you stayed in it long enough. Imagine being intimate with your significant other and they are wearing this suit the entire time. Vivian went along with it but if she had really known who was in that suit she would have run for the hills. 

8 Infantata

The Frankenstein baby of Nora and Dr. Montgomery was beyond creepy. What’s worse is the back story. Forced to perform illegal abortions because of his drug addiction (don't get high on your own supply, or any for that matter), Dr. Montgomery performs an abortion on a woman whose boyfriend is not happy about it. He kidnaps and murders their child. Their creepy idea of coping with the situation is having the good doctor sew their bodyy back together with parts from all kinds of animals and whatever was left over from their baby. Seeing the baby’s leg in a jar of filthy water was enough for us.

7 Elizabeth Short

We know the main storyline for Elizabeth Short was that she was the Black Dhalia, the girl mutilated and left out for the public to gawk at. However, the storyline that American Horror Story goes with is even more disturbing. After dental work and still knocked out from anaesthesia, the dentist takes advantage of her while she is unconscious and this is even more disturbing than her death.

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What doctor can live with themselves doing this to their patients? He ends up giving her too much medicine and she dies which is how the original evil doctor, Dr. Montgomery gets a hold of her and does what he does best. But knowing what happened to her before that is disturbing and stomach-turning. 

6 Fed To The Dogs

Constance has been a widow for quite some time by the time the Harmon family move in next door. She comes off as nice and sweet and maybe a bit lonely at times. However, when fans get a  glimpse into Constance’s backstory we realize she can be pure evil hen she needs to be. We find out that she caught her husband trying to force himself on the maid (in her younger days). Due to her jealousy and impulsive behavior she shoots him dead. Sounds not so bad right? Well, we find out that she grounded up his body and fed it to her dogs. How do you live with yourself? Especially knowing that he is now a ghost haunting and screwing the other ghosts in the house next door. 

5 Tate’s Mask

Besides the fact that crazy Tate murdered a bunch of his classmates during a school shooting what makes the situation creepier is the way, he painted his face. Firstly, why paint your face at all? Everyone knew it was you. Second, if you were going to kill yourself anyway it seems like a lot of work one to waste. The skeleton design that Tate painted on his face was stomach-turning.

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All that black paint around his eyes really made his face look sunken in and sickly. When he exposed his own teeth while shooting it made his rage more present. Every time we think if this scene all we can see is his face and that creepy paint job. 

4 Addy Keeps Breaking In

We aren’t sure what is more disturbing the fact that Addy keeps breaking in or that we have no idea how she keeps getting into the house. At first, we assumed she was a ghost and we would be filled in later on how she got that way. But then we realize that she actually one of the rare appearances as a character who is actually alive. We are freaked out every time Vivian turns around and Addy is there giggling or when we can’t see her but hear her giggle. Were we not scared enough for you Ryan and Brad? 

3 The Hole In Nora’s Head

When viewers find out what happened to Nora they are shocked and disgusted. How could anyone survive a marriage that involved murder, insanity and a Frankenstein complex? 

Unfortunately, unlike most of the other ghosts when she came back she still had her wound to prove she is or at least should be dead. That moment when she turns around and there is a gaping bullet wound in the back of her head was truly terrifying. Coupled with her frightening demeanor and hesitation, it made us want to try to patch her up somehow. 

2 Moira O’Hara

The role played by actresses Alexandra Breckenridge and Frances Conroy creeps us out. It wasn’t her murder or the way she looks it is her presence. The way Moira would walk around the house and interact with the Harmons was fine until we all realized that she is dead. She would appear out of nowhere and we don’t know about y’all but the idea of a ghost cooking food that they all eat, cleaning the house etc is super weird. We know that she made herself seen only when she wanted too but come on the idea of a host amongst you who can make her presence know or choose not to sends a chill up throughout the body.

1 Murdering The Twins

Nothing is off-limits on American Horror Story, each season things get darker and more shocking and we kind of love it for that. But, one of the creepiest things hat happened in Murder House was when every one of those ghosts was attacking one another and the Harmons for control over the kids. One of the scariest was Zachary Quinto’s character, Chad Warwick. When he and his partner were alive thy were hoping to have kids and even looking into surrogates. Unfortunately, they met their demise before that happened. So logically Chad figured, I’ll kill the kids and we can have babies forever. 

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