'American Horror Story' Opening Credits Are Totally Creepy [Updated]

FX's first promo video and poster for American Horror Story

Update: Check out some equally creepy promos for American Horror Story

FX's freshman show American Horror Story bows next week, and if the opening credits are anything to go by, this one will keep you up nights. The high-profile horror project is being heavily promoted by the network.

American Horror Story comes from the multi-talented Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, who've worked together on Glee and FX's previous drama Nip/Tuck. Stars Connie Britton (who landed two Emmy nominations for her work on Friday Night Lights) and Dylan McDermott (The Practice) play a husband and wife grieving after a miscarriage, who move to a strange house in Los Angeles with their teenage daughter.

Producers have labelled American Horror Story a "psychosexual thriller", and after seeing the first trailer and series poster, it's easy to see why. While it appears that the show is shying away from easy jump scares and money shots, the disturbing themes and imagery employed are more than enough to chill viewers.

WARNINGAll parents will want to keep their kids well out of earshot of the TV-MA show - and some may want to DVR it for viewing in broad daylight.

The weird and chilling opening credits for American Horror Story were posted on Entertainmennt Weekly recently. Check them out below:

Themes of infant mortality and the horror mainstay "creepy kids" are in full effect. The jumpy, disconnected editing makes for a more traditionally scary feeling than, say, The Walking Dead's rather sedate opener. The music used is an original piece by sound designer Cesar Davila-Irizarry and Charlie Clouser of Nine Inch Nails, using sound effects from the creaking, dripping house for emphasis.

There's a lot of symbolism in the opener according to co-creator Ryan Murphy. The one-minute sequence acts as its own mini-mystery, with key plot points that will be revealed over the first season. Says Murphy, "By the time you see the ninth episode of this season, every image in that title sequence will be explained."

Update: Check out some brand new promos for American Horror Story, which are equally as creepy and mysterious as the opening credits:


American Horror Story debuts next Wednesday, October 5th at 10PM on FX. Screen Rant will have a review prepared.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly [via: Cinemablend]

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