American Horror Story: 10 Murder House Easter Eggs That Show Up In Later Seasons

American Horror Story all began with Murder House. Since then, it has generated some easter eggs for future AHS seasons. Did you spot these 10?

Murder House was the season that started the world’s obsession with American Horror Story. It was thrilling to see characters on TV that are so well written and a storyline that was gross, dark, creepy, and not bound by limitations like time. The history in the house and the victims of the house have popped up in other seasons and the incidents that took place in the house have been the topic of conversations in other seasons.

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The American Horror Story universe is notorious for bringing back people from the dead and killing people in the most gruesome of ways. But the best thing they did was continue to grace us with easter eggs in other seasons from the groundbreaking first season. So, here are ten easter eggs we noticed. Did we miss anything?

10 Marcy The Realtor

American Horror Story is always full of fun surprises. One of those unexpected surprises was Marcy the real estate agent that the Harmon family used in Murder House. Marcy was bubbly and gave us eccentric vibes. She even took the Harmon’s dog with her when she found out they died (as she was showing the house to someone else).

We see Marcy again in Hotel, she is the one who sells the Cortez hotel. She also mentions that she no longer has the Harmon’s dog. She is just as eccentric in Murder House. Unfortunately, she met her demise at the Hotel Cortez. So, if we do ever seen her again it would probably be as a ghost at the hotel. 

9 Billie Dean Howard

Sarah Paulson has played a number of characters in the AHS world. One of the first characters she played was Billie Dean Howard in Murder House. She was a psychic who was good friends with Constance and tries to help her with Tate and his psycho ways.

Back then, she was a humble woman who was waiting for her rise. She shows up again in Hotel where she is a full-blown TV psychic. She has made a name for herself and has managed to secure the hotel as her next big gig. She shows up on Halloween to meet at the round table with all the dead murders that show up each year to reminisce with one another. 

8 Killer Nurses

This one may be a long shot but if you recall, there were two murdering nurses in Murder House. Miranda and Bridget Jane were also sisters and lovers who would go from state to state murdering their patients.

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In Murder House, they worked at an assisted living facility (one of the houses many functions over the years). They had to get out of dodge pretty quickly seeing as they were murdering old people. They found their way to North Carolina where Roanoke takes place. They set up their own assisted living facility where they could murder people in peace. Unfortunately, for them, the house was way more evil than they could ever be.

7 The Countess

American Horror Story Hotel Lady Gaga

In Murder House, we are introduced to the original owners of the home. The Montgomerys were a small family with Dr. Montgomery being the patriarch. In his backstory, we see him being an addict and having to resort to illegal abortions to make him money as he is now disgraced.

One of his victims we later learn about in Hotel was the Countess (played by Lady Gaga). He botched her abortion forcing her to give birth to her not so stable child. Montgomery seemed to get around back in the day so we can only imagine what future characters (or past that we don’t know of yet) that have suffered at his hands. 

6 He Gets Around

Like we said, Dr. Montgomery gets around. There was even a place for him in Coven. This fan-favorite season, introduced us to wannabe supreme Madison Montgomery. Creator Ryan Murphy has not confirmed this, but we low-key understand how his mind works.

We can confidently assume that Madison is a descendant of Charles and Nora Montgomery. Why else use the same last name? We aren’t sure how that worked out seeing as the Montgomery’s only child died. But maybe she is his niece or great-niece. Either way, there is a connection because Ryan Murphy doesn’t make mistakes like this.  

5 The Devil’s Son

We find out in Apocalypse that the guy everyone has been waiting for, Michael Langdon, is the baby that was born to Vivian Harmon in Murder House. The father being Tate, Constance’s son. In Murder House, Billie Dean Howard mentions that this child who is born of human and spirit world can usher in some bad times. But what they experienced in Apocalypse was a whole mess.

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The final episode of Apocalypse explained Michael’s upbringing, Constance killing herself in the Murder House just so she didn’t have to deal with him, and what happened to lead him to this point. It seems like the fruit of Constance’s fruit is just as rotten as we all assumed. 

4 Fresh Bloody Organs

One of the scenes that grossed a lot of people out in Murder House was when Vivian eats fresh organs. This was Constance’s idea because a newly pregnant Vivian was having some awful morning sickness. We aren’t sure how true the whole eating raw organs things is for morning sickness, but we do know that Constance was only offering raw meat because she knew this child was something “special”.

This is talked about again Apocalypse when we see Michael only eating raw meat. Even as a child, it is mentioned that he preferred his meat as close to rare as possible. Constance was condoning his bad behavior from when he was in the womb. 

3 Rose Langdon

In Murder House, Constance was referred to as a mother of four kids. Fans only saw three; the one in the attic (or basement) of the Harmon home, Tate, and Adelaide. In Apocalypse, we finally learn who the fourth child is. A young girl with no eyes is featured in the season.

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Fans find out through a backstory that she was the fourth child, most believe that is the first child from Constance and possibly the husband she murdered. It seems as though all of the children that Constance had has one situation another and she just kept trying for that perfect child. 

2 Violet Learned Spells From Roanoke

Violet Harmon Murder House

Billie Dean Howard (Sarah Paulson) was called to the Harmon’s home at Constance’s request when she wanted to communicate with Tate. She happens upon Violet’s ghost and once violet realizes that she can communicate with a human being AND this human being can help her it was a whole new ball game for her.

Billie walks her around the house and teaches her how to banish or at the very least keep the bad (dangerous) spirits at bay. Billie mentions that that spell she is teaching Vivian is one that the Roanoke colony used way back in the day. We wish she was able to elaborate on that. 

1 Piggy Man

One of Dr. Harmon’s psych patients was played by Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family fame. He was the patient that was terrified that some man wearing a pig’s head was trying to kill him. This narrative has haunted him for years and he often tried to test his luck by evoking this supposed Piggy Man to come out to prove to himself he wasn’t real.

But as you see in the episode, he evokes this pigman and he is murdered because of it. Dr. Harmon plays it off as an old folk tale or nursery rhyme to scare kids. Unfortunately, this isn’t true as this pigman and a few others show up in Roanoke.

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