American Horror Story: The 10 Most Terrifying Characters, Ranked

The anthology series American Horror Story, currently airing season 9, provides fresh takes on horror staples. We're ranking the scariest characters.

American Horror Story is a scary television series that has been on since 2011. Each season introduces new characters, a new setting, and a new plot, but many of the same stars appear, and many of the storylines are actually connected.

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When looking at all of the intriguing characters who have been featured on Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, Roanoke, Cult, Apocalypse and 1984, who has been the creepiest? Who has done the most damage? And which ones should be called the top 10 most terrifying of all time? Let’s find out. Here are the 10 most terrifying characters on American Horror Story, ranked.

10 The Rubber Man

In the first season, American Horror Story: Murder House, Evan Peters played Tate Langdon, a ghost who became friends than friends with Violet Harmon. 

Oh, but then, it turned out that he was also The Rubber Man, and he raped Violet's mom, which resulted in their son, Michael Langdon, the Antichrist. This was complicated, to say the least, and fans still have so many feelings about the twists and turns (especially since Peters is a fan-favorite star). Still, The Rubber Man in his rubber suit belongs on this list. 

9 The Countess

The fifth season American Horror Story: Hotel focused on the Hotel Cortez in Los Angeles, California. The owner of this hotel was The Countess, a character played by Lady Gaga. This fashionista kidnapped children and turned them into vampires, and she had those creepy long fingernails, too.

A smart and stylish woman can certainly pose a potential threat… especially one who is really an immortal vampire. Countess Elizabeth Johnson belongs on this list, but there are definitely characters who were much scarier than she was. 

8 The Butcher

The sixth season, American Horror Story: Roanoke, gave the world Tomasyn White, aka The Butcher. This leader was actually a spirit, meaning she had telekinesis, pyrokinesis and teleportation abilities, and she worked to keep her power over the Roanoke land, meaning she kidnapped, tortured and killed people.   

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Kathy Bates portrayed The Butcher, and this was just one of her many chilling roles within this series. And while a ghost and a killer combined makes for a not-so-nice character, she wasn't the absolute scariest, so that's why she takes the number eight spot on the list.

7 Sister Jude

Another familiar face on this show is Jessica Lange’s, and in the second season, American Horror Story: Asylum, she played Sister Jude. This character was the typical mean nun in charge of a mental institution called Briarcliff Manor… but she was so much more than that; she was haunted by past mistakes, and she mistreated everyone around her.

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In the end, some could say that she got what she deserved, but while she was around, she was a terrifying antagonist within this fictional and frightening world. 

6 Richard Ramirez

Richard Ramirez of American Horror Story: 1984 is up next. Played by Zach Villa, he's a serial killer and rapist who is into Satanism. He's also based on the real person of the same name who was responsible for a series of crimes in the 1980s, who was called the Night Stalker and who was a Satanist.

Sure, getting rid of that guy from Montana’s aerobics class and telling Montana that he would take care of Brooke shows that he is a committed partner... in a way. 

5 Twisty the Clown

Of course, there is John Carroll Lynch as Twisty the Clown, too. This scary character was first seen in American Horror Story: Freak Show then later in American Horror Story: Cult. He used to be an entertaining clown, but he became a killer. He still wears his classic and creepy clown costume, and he wears a mask to cover up the part of his face that is damaged. 

It was revealed that Twisty does not really realize the bad things that he does… so does this mean everyone should feel sorry for him, or does it mean that he is even more terrifying? 

4 Delphine LaLaurie

Delphine LaLaurie showed up in American Horror Story: Coven, the third season of this very popular TV show.  This is another Kathy Bates character and another one who is inspired by true events.  

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Madame LaLaurie, who lived between the years 1787 and 1849, was a well-known woman in New Orleans, Louisiana, and it turned out that she was tormenting and killing the slaves who worked for her, right there inside her big ol’ house. Bates’ portrayal was very creepy, and the fact that this really happened makes it even spookier. 

3 Fiona Goode

Fiona Goode was also part of American Horror Story: Coven. Another character played by Jessica Lange, she was an attractive and affluent woman who lived quite the life… and she was a witch. Yes, as the Supreme Witch, she ruled over Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, where she put her wants over her coven’s and over her daughter's.

Once again, a powerful lady can be a truly horrifying thing, and a powerful and selfish witch, even more so. 

2 Kai Anderson

The seventh season of this series was titled American Horror Story: Cult, and it starred Evan Peters as Kai Anderson. This guy was racist, misogynistic and paranoid, and after the election, he formed a cult that dressed like clowns and killed people, including his own siblings. 

Some may say that paranormal beings are much more alarming than cult leaders, but Kai was just a human being… yet he did so much damage and was full of so much hate. And the thought of an actual person doing all of that is actually scarier than a made-up tale. 

1 Michael Langdon

Michael Langdon came to be in American Horror Story: Murder House; he is the child of Tate Langdon, a ghost, and Vivien Harmon, the woman who Tate raped. He also showed back up in American Horror Story: Apocalypse, since it was about the end of time, and he was revealed to be the bringer of the End of Days. 

Yes, there have certainly been many different characters over the years on AHS who could be described as terrifying. But even when up against witches, vampires, serial killers and clowns, Cody Fern as the Antichrist is the scariest of all, taking the number-one spot.

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