American Horror Story: 10 Most Iconic Costumes, Ranked

American Horror Story is well-known for its sleek and chic aesthetic, as well as its iconic characters and plotlines that push the boundaries of traditional horror. The show's nine seasons have featured a plethora of characters who are easily recognized in popular culture, helped in part by dedicated costume design that tells its own story.

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Each season of the anthology series takes place in a world of its own, with those worlds beginning to intertwine as the series progresses. The costumes of each character reflect the season's theme and some have become staples of American Horror Story. Here are the 10 most iconic costumes from Ryan Murphy's popular series, ranked.

10 Misty Day's Shawls

The cast of American Horror Story: Coven already features many style icons, but Misty Day's hippie dresses and Stevie Nicks-inspired shawls stand out as some of the show's most iconic costume design. The flowing layers add to the young witch's aesthetic and have made her character popular amongst cosplayers.

Misty is given a shawl from Stevie Nicks herself in Coven after the Fleetwood Mac star is revealed to be a white witch. The two share a touching scene as Nicks performs a rendition of popular Fleetwood Mac song "Rhiannon" to her dedicated superfan.

9 Tate & Violet's Grunge-Inspired Clothing

Tate Langdon and Violet Harmon were a large part of the aesthetic of American Horror Story: Murder House. The two troubled teenagers connected through their similar interests, including 90s-inspired fashion and grunge music.

Tate regularly dressed similar to Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain as he was alive during the peak of the grunge movement. Violet also dresses similarly, with flowery dresses doubled with baggy sweaters and heavy boots.

8 Michael Langdon's Outpost Outfit

Fans were introduced to the son of Satan in Murder House after Vivien Harmon gave birth to the demonic offspring of her and Tate Langdon. Michael reappears as the primary antagonist in Apocalypse as an older and more dangerous adult.

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Michael's suave suit that he wears upon arriving at Outpost 3 has become synonymous with his character. His sophisticated look after causing the apocalypse is a far cry from the clothing he wears as a teenager that resembles Tate's 90s style.

7 Hypodermic Sally's Leopard Coat

Sarah Paulson has portrayed several iconic characters in American Horror Story. In Hotel, she plays the vengeful spirit of Hypodermic Sally, a drug addict who haunts the hallways of the Hotel Cortez after being pushed to her death.

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Sally has a distinctive look that sets her apart from the rest of the inhabitants of the hotel without clashing with The Countess' dramatic aesthetic. Her grunge-inspired clothing and leopard-print have also become popular with cosplayers.

6 The Countess' Wardrobe

It is hard to choose a single item of clothing belonging to The Countess as her most iconic. Lady Gaga made a spectacular debut in American Horror Story: Hotel as the vampiric fashion icon Elizabeth Johnson and her entire wardrobe stood out throughout the season.

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Some of her more stand-out stylistic choices include silver lingerie adorned with sequins and an all-white gown The Countess wears when encountering Tristan for the first time at a fashion show. Her clawed-gloves have also become iconic and a popular source of inspiration for Halloween costumes.

5 Moira's Maid Outfit

Moira O'Hara in American Horror Story: Murder House

This is another costume that cosplayers have made their own as well as belonging to one of American Horror Story's first iconic and eerie characters. The older version of Moira wears a simplistic maid outfit whilst cleaning for the Harmons, but the younger apparition who appears to Ben and the other male characters is adorned in a much more provocative incarnation of the same outfit.

Moira's costume has become a well-known symbol of the show in popular culture, as well as her ghostly eye which marks her cause of death at the hands of Constance Langdon.

4 Dandy Mott's Suits

Dandy Mott is one of the most despicable characters in American Horror Story. The spoilt and selfish heir appeared in season four's Freak Show, finding emotional affinity with Elsa's freaks and becoming the protege of serial killer Twisty the clown.

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Dandy's suits are a symbol of the character and add to Freak Show's overall aesthetic. The sleek and expensive suits represent the shallow appeal of Dandy and his physical appearance which helps to conceal a psychopath.

3 Tate Langdon's Skeleton Make-Up

This is another iconic American Horror Story look that has been frequently cosplayed and replicated for Halloween costumes. Tate's make-up is the fictional representation of himself that the audience sees in a flashback that depicts the homicidal ghost slaughtering a school.

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The make-up symbolizes Tate's perception of himself, giving a chilling look into the mind of this psychopathic serial killer. It has become another look widely associated with the show since its debut in Murder House.

2 The Witches' Uniforms

The audience was introduced to the witches of New Orleans in season three's "Coven." Led by Supreme witch and style icon Fiona Good and her daughter Cordelia, the students of Miss Robichaux's opted for all-black clothing that united them as a single and stylish faction.

Creator Ryan Murphy stated he wanted the witches to dress "chic." The costumes of the witches were also heavily inspired by 70s fashion, with many dresses being vintage pieces.

1 Rubber Man

The latex-clad killer has been synonymous with American Horror Story since the first season and is featured on the official DVD and Bluray cover of Murder House. Fans speculated for several episodes who Rubber Man was until his identity was revealed to be the ghost of homicidal teenager Tate Langdon.

Rubber Man made another appearance in season seven's Apocalypse, arriving in Outpost 3 alongside Tate's demonic offspring, Michael and sharing a sexual encounter with Mr. Gallant. The silent murderer has become a symbol of the show in popular culture.

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