Jessica Lange Joins ‘American Horror Story’ on FX

Jessica Lange is set to accept her next role in the new FX drama American Horror Story from the creators of Nip/Tuck and Glee, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck.

As no names had been mentioned in relation to the series before, the name of such a decorated and celebrated actress comes right out of left field (see what I did there?).

Lange has been acting primarily in film and on the stage for over 30 years, and has twice accepted Academy Awards for her talent – once for best supporting actress in Tootsie in 1982, and again for best actress in Oliver Stone’s 1994 film, Blue Sky. She has also been seen in films like Big Fish, Broken Flowers and Rob Roy.

Sadly, many of the details of American Horror Story are being held tightly under wraps. We do know two things: that Lange will be playing opposite the recently-cast Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights, The Brothers McMullen) and Dennis O’Hare (True Blood, The Good Wife), and that the story revolves around “Ben Harmon, a sensitive therapist, and Vivien Harmon, his gorgeous wife who is a force to be reckoned with. Lange will play their nosy neighbor.”

Meanwhile, O’Hare’s role is being described as Larry the burn guy (please save your Blue Collar Comedy Tour jokes until the end). Murphy and Falchuck are still searching for an actor to play the role of Ben.

Apparently, even though production will begin shortly (Murphy is set to direct the pilot sometime later this month), the script is being rewritten to beef up Lange’s role, making the actress a legitimate third lead.

Buzz surrounding the show is high – especially at FX where network president John Landgraff is so keen on the series that he’s already been targeting it for a timeslot this fall. One thing is for sure: with the addition of Lange, American Horror Story can pretty much guarantee it will be nabbing a coveted series order.

Though there is little to go on regarding the show – and the brief synopsis raises more questions than it answers – the draw of so many talented actors could be a sign Murphy and Falchuck have struck gold yet again. It’s hard to see where the ‘horror’ aspect comes into play (or if it will exist in the title alone), but building intrigue and having people asking questions before a single roll of film has been shot, is certainly a great way to sell interest in a new series.

As far as creative partnerships go, Murphy and Falchuck certainly have enough success to claim to be one of the best. It will be hard to top the success of Nip/Tuck and Glee, but, from the sound of it, they may have a chance with American Horror Story. The ball is now in your court, Orci and Kurtzman. ;-)

Look for American Horror Story on FX sometime this fall.

Source: TV Line

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