'American Horror Story' Season 5 Gets 'Hotel' Subtitle & Will Star Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga to star on American Horror Story: Hotel

Season four of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's FX horror anthology series, American Horror Story: Freak Show performed well in terms of ratings, much like the previous iterations of the show: Coven, Asylum, and American Horror Story season one a.k.a. Murder House. However, even a number of the series' more dedicated fans seemed to feel that Freak Show ended up being messier, less compelling, and derivative of what has come before it (surface differences aside) compared to seasons past.

That may partly account for why FX network heads are hyping the show's fifth season as being "an unusually large reinvention" of the series after Freak Show. The show's co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have likewise now made one casting decision that, love it or hate it, was certainly not expected - namely, to have pop music sensation Lady Gaga serve as one of the main stars this next season, which is now officially titled American Horror Story: Hotel.

Gaga is fresh off her acclaimed musical performance during the Sound of Music 50th anniversary tribute that was included as part of the 2015 Academy Awards ceremony (watch the clip HERE). Below, you can watch the short, distinctly "Gaga-esque", clip posted online by the artist, where she confirms her involvement with (and the title for) season five of American Horror Story.

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