American Horror Story: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About Hotel

American Horror Story: Hotel had a lot to live up to. With the departure of fan-favorite Jessica Lange, the show had big boots to fill and they managed to surpass expectations with the inclusion of Lady Gaga's iconic character, The Countess.

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The final episode is one of the series' strongest season finales, with a heart-warming ode to Denis O'Hare's Liz Taylor. There were many highlights throughout Hotel, but like any AHS season, it raised several mysteries. Here are 10 unanswered questions from the fifth season of American Horror Story.

10 What Happened To Bartholomew?

Lady Gaga as Countess Elizabeth in American Horror Story: Hotel

Bartholomew's first appearance in "Room 33" was one of the most horrifying moments in the season. It was revealed in a flashback scene that The Countess, also known as Elizabeth Johnson, visited the infamous Murder House from season one, seeking an abortion from the house's original owner Charles Montgomery (Matt Ross).

The procedure didn't go as planned and instead, Elizabeth delivered the vampiric offspring, conceived by herself and serial killer James Patrick March (Evan Peters). Bartholomew was shown to be housed in the mysterious room 33, but what happened to him after the death of his mother remains a mystery.

9 Are All The Vampire Children Gone?

Alex (Chloe Sevigny) made a grave mistake with her newfound vampirism after being turned by The Countess. After a young boy suffering from measles takes a turn for the worst, the doctor gives him some of her blood and transfers the vampire virus to him.

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Unsurprisingly, this has dire consequences. Max (Anton Starkman) turns his classmates and the children go on a murder spree. Although they were last seen being attacked by Ramona Royale (Angela Bassett) it remains a possibility at least one afflicted child survived and could reappear in a future season.

8 Where Do The Serial Killers Go When It's Not Devil's Night?

American Horror Story: Hotel blended real-life horror into its narrative with its introduction of famous serial killers in "Devil's Night." James Patrick March was revealed to be the devil that whispered in their ear, and their annual gathering when spirits are free to roam is a gruesome affair.

This was an interesting addition to the storyline, but where exactly do the serial killers reside when they are not visiting the Hotel Cortez?

7 Why Did Nobody Notice That The Countess Didn't Age?

Lady Gaga was one of the highlights of AHS: Hotel and her presence elevated the season. The Countess was a glamorous figure with a presence in the fashion world, but why did nobody seem to notice that she hadn't aged since the 1920s?

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It's possible that they did and the sinister vampire either silenced them permanently or with money, but the exact details remain an unanswered question from the season.

6 Why Was Sally Trapped In The Hotel?

Sally (Sarah Paulson) had strong ties to the Hotel Cortez as it was her regular haunt in life. Nevertheless, when Iris (Kathy Bates) pushed her from a window to plummet to her death, Sally didn't technically die inside the hotel. So why is the vengeful spirit still trapped?

It's shown later in the season with the deaths of Donovan (Matt Bomer) and John (Wes Bentley) that perishing just outside of the hotel perimeter frees them from its trap. Sally's permanent residence in the hotel remains a plot hole from the season.

5 Why Was Scarlett Fine With Her Family?

Family ties are strong, but having a serial killing spirit as a father and a vampire mother and brother surely must be a limit. Scarlett (played by Nicole Tompkins as an adult) seems to have no qualms about her family's murderous ways, as she is shown reconnecting with them every Devil's Night in the season finale "Be Our Guest."

This is more a question of the character's morality but a visible struggle with her reconciliation would have been more sensical to see.

4 What Happened To Lachlan?

After Will Drake (Cheyenne Jackson) was killed by The Countess inside the Hotel Cortez, he became another of the hotel's eternal residents. Will's transition to the afterlife was helped by Liz Taylor who led his fashion line in his stead.

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Will's son Lachlan (Lyric Lennon Parker-Angel) was conveniently sent to boarding school and never seen again. It remains a mystery what exactly happened to Lachlan, or if he ever discovered his father had died.

3 Why Does Nobody Investigate The Hotel Cortez?

It seems a guarantee that checking into the Hotel Cortez spells certain doom. Countless people were murdered in the hotel throughout the season, and it seems unlikely that a body count this high would go unnoticed.

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Why the authorities haven't investigated the hotel remains a mystery. With a reputation like the Cortez's, it is also fair to speculate as to why they still have guests at all.

2 Why Did The Countess & Donovan Kill Their Victims In The Hotel?

During the season premiere "Checking In," The Countess and Donovan were introduced in one of American Horror Story's most iconic scenes. After seducing a couple at an outdoor screening of Nosferatu, the two vampires lure their victims back to the hotel before killing and feeding on them.

It's established that spirits with unresolved business remain trapped in the hotel walls, and The Countess later remarks her mistake in killing Will Drake inside the hotel. It seems an oversight for The Countess and Donovan to lure victims back to the hotel regularly where they could be forever haunted by the people they fed on.

1 Why Did Lachlan See The Addiction Demon?

The Addiction Demon is a monstrous entity created by Sally and the various other addicted people who stayed in the Hotel Cortez. It appears to people in the throes of addiction, but if this is the case then why did Lachlan see the demon upon arriving in the hotel?

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The Addiction Demon does not show itself to Lachlan again, appearing only to torment Sally. The exact nature of the demon, like many other aspects of the American Horror Story mythos, remains a mystery.

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