American Horror Story: Hotel Teaser Clips Hint At New Monsters

American Horror Story reinvents itself every season with a whole new setting and story.  The anthology series scares with conventional fears ranging from home invasion to run of the mill psychopaths, all the way to elements of science fiction with alien abduction and fantasy in witchcraft.

A new set of short teasers for American Horror Story: Hotel, which marks the show's fifth season overall, have just been released - and per the tradition of marketing for every AHS season, they showcase more elements of weird horror over everyday fears. The clips named Jeepers Peepers, Sleepwalk, and Towhead, give brief glimpses into the corners of the Hotel Cortez.

Previously, AHS teasers have had very little to do with the actual show. However, in the Jeepers Peepers clip a strange eye looks back at you from the peephole in room 64- the room which series co-creator Ryan Murphy Tweeted "This season, Evan Peters will be waiting for you in room 64 ". So, in at least that clip there is a connection to the upcoming season.

Sleepwalk and Towheads are both more conventional in terms of horror tropes and don't necessarily tell us anything about the upcoming AHS season. Sleepwalk features a terrified body sewn into a hotel mattress-with a hand about to cut the thread. Towhead has creepy, yet formally dressed, blonde children (are those little blonde monsters Lady Gaga's kids?) on a poorly lit stairway, which looks far less glamorous than the other hotel areas we've seen.

The teasers as usual are intriguing but don't offer anything about what to expect. One of the things that past seasons of AHS has suffered from is a lack of cohesion. Plot lines are dropped and then unsuccessfully finished - such as Twisty the clown being dropped partway through American Horror Story: Freak Show. Teasers that offer something resembling a plot would be comforting, at this point.

The only thing that really ties one 13 episode season together are the characters who remain through to the end. Lady Gaga as the lead will undoubtedly draw viewers to Hotel, but is she a strong enough performer to act as the season anchor? Considering that we will no longer have the lauded Jessica Lange, it would be nice to see a clip released where Gaga is in character.

Will Room 64 be scarier than room 217? Will Hotel manage to significantly change American Horror Story's MO (as has been promised by folks working behind the scenes) - or will it be another series of cool, yet fairly unrelated ideas that transpire in a creepy setting... before things run out of gas, by the end of the trip? The answers are coming, sooner than later now...

American Horror Story: Hotel premieres Wednesday, October 7th at 10pm on FX.

Source: FX

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American Horror Story: Hotel Teaser Clips Hint At New Monsters