The 10 Best Costumes From American Horror Story: Hotel, Ranked

American Horror Story: Hotel has some awesome fashionable moments as well as scares. These are the best costumes from the fifth season of AHS.

In 2015, the fifth season of American Horror Story came on TV, with the subtitle Hotel. This season brought back a lot of familiar faces, such as Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Gabourey Sidibe, Chloë Sevigny and Evan Peters, but it also had one face that was quite recognizable yet that was new to this television show: Lady Gaga.

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The story centered around Hotel Cortez and all of the strange things that happened there. And due to the setting and the stars, there were also lots of fashionable moments on AHS: Hotel. Therefore, we present the 10 best of them, ranked.

10 Not-So-Casual Beach Wear

This list is starting off strong: While walking down the beach, The Countess wore this, of course. It is a very elegant and formal black dress. It goes down to the floor (well, in this case, sand). It is paired with a wide-brim hat. And she is carrying a parasol, too, to top it all off in the perfect way. 

While most people would not even think about wearing something like this to a locale like this, The Countess is all about fashion and looking better than everyone else at all times and no matter what it takes.

9 Leather Look

Now, this character and this star could both be caught wearing something like this. There is not a ton of material, but what is there is interesting leather. There are straps, there is a choker-like collar, and there is a matching hat, too, because it is all in the details!

While this was not the most impressive outfit from this series of this horror show, it was certainly a memorable one that helped to define Gaga’s role.

8 Darling & Dapper

Judging by this photo, it would be hard to tell just what time period was focused on in AHS: Hotel. But that is part of the beauty of it all! There is this glamorous hotel, there are all of these intriguing characters, there are darling and dapper outfits like these, and then there is all the really good stuff… the scary parts… the reasons many people tune in at all. 

And, yes, this dress and this suit jacket are both giving off Gatsby vibes, which we are so here for, clearly.

7 A Costume Within A Costume

Just as it was hard to pin down a time period, based on the previous photo, it can be hard to tell exactly what is going on with this next one, as well. For the most part, American Horror Story tells the stories of normal people. At times, these people get all dressed up, say, for a costume party or a big event. Plus, some of them are played by celebs like Lady Gaga, who is known for her wild style. So is this a costume? A normal dress? A BTS photo? We don’t even care: The Marie Antoinette look is a good one. 

6 Pretty Pajamas

On top of all of the existing and incredible actors and actresses, AHS also decided to throw Naomi Campbell into the mix; she played a character named Claudia Bankson, and she was seen wearing these pretty pajamas. 

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See, when we go to bed, we are probably wearing shorts with holes in them, thick fuzzy socks, a big ol’ tee and a topknot. We wish, though, that we were wearing a silky and lacy set and that our hair looked that amazing.

5 Boss Babe

There is so much goodness here. First, there is red, which is a powerful color that looks stunning on a powerful woman. Then, there is the veil, which adds mystery, chicness and a regal touch to any ensemble. Additionally, there are Hollywood glam details, like the stud earrings and the cat eye makeup. And, of course, there is the glove, a sharp and shiny thing that The Countess used as an accessory and as a weapon.  

4 Shimmers & Sheerness

At one point during the fifth season of this hit show, Lady Gaga’s character gave the world this: There is some material in a couple of places, and it is completely sheer. There are diamonds and sequins in all the right places, including hanging down the neck like a fountain. And there is another veil, which is on her head, for a religious sort of look. This assists in making it so awesome, since a bold accessory can deliver in such a unique way and since picturing this character as sweet and nice and heavenly is just hilarious. In short, we want it all.

3 This Seafoam Number

This may not immediately come to mind when people think of fashion from this season, but this little number deserves a top spot on this list! The color is just divine, especially against Gaga’s skin tone. The hairstyle that is paired with it is everything. The halter neckline makes this even more playful. The scarf is like a cherry on top. Overall, she kind of seems like a green goddess from the ‘60s, right?

2 All Of This

The Countess is not the only character who served up incredible fashion, though. Up next, we have Sarah Paulson as Sally McKenna and Max Greenfield as Gabriel. Paulson is a regular American Horror Story star, and Greenfield, known best for playing Schmidt on New Girl, was a nice surprise! 

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Let’s talk about their clothes, though. They are gaudy. They are full of textures and prints. They are accessorized in a huge way. They are added to even more with over-the-top makeup and hair styles. And the could be straight out of a rock music video from the ‘80s, which makes them even more fabulous.

1 Whimsical White

It was a tough task, but we did it: At the number-one spot, there is this whimsical white outfit. The cut and the fit make it very crisp and modern. The jewelry elevates it, just as The Countess would do, since she truly brings it, always and in every area. The hat is the perfect accessory for a character portrayed by Lady Gaga. And the man candy being in white, as well, helped take this magical moment all the way to the top!

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