The Ultimate American Horror Story Gift Guide

American Horror Story Murder House Coven Crossover

American Horror Story is an anthology horror television series. Each season has its own story, with unique characters and a new setting (though many of the characters are played by the same actors and actresses each season).

Fans started off by watching a family move into a house haunted, and from there, stories focused on patients/staff of an institution for the criminally insane, witches, a freak show, staff/guests of a supernatural hotel, paranormal events at an isolated farmhouse, a cult that formed after the 2016 election and the return of witches to battle the Antichrist in an attempt to prevent the apocalypse.

So, if anyone is into AHS, consider gifting them with one or all of the items below!

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American Horror Story opening credits
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10 American Horror Story: Complete Series Seasons 1-7 DVD

American Horror Story opening credits

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Of course, owning full seasons of this television show would be beneficial to many, as it would allow fans to watch and rewatch their favorite episodes and stories. This particular DVD set has Seasons 1 through 7, which includes Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, Roanoke and Cult.

Just think of all the watch parties that could take place with this set! They could even be themed around the plots (like dressing all in black in order to watch Coven), which would be super fun and which could help everyone get ready for any new and upcoming episodes of AHS.

9 On Wednesdays, We Wear Black - 10oz Ceramic Mug

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Speaking of wearing black… Coven is a fan favorite season of this show. Witches are usually quite popular when it comes to entertainment (just look at shows such as Charmed and films like Hocus Pocus), and the leading ladies of this particular season are sort of inspiring.

They are strong and brave and magical, so instead of wearing pink on Hump Day (like the stars of Mean Girls), many would prefer to dress in a dark and dramatic way instead AND would prefer to boast the message that says to do so on their coffee mug!

8 Funko POP TV: American Horror Story- Twisty The Clown Vinyl Figure

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Funko Pop action figures make terrific presents since young fans can treat them like toys and since older fans can add them to collections. This one right here depicts one of the most iconic characters from American Horror Story - Twisty The Clown. Might not want to put this around kids however.

Since Season 4 focused on a freak show, a clown was bound to show up, and this one is like no other. He is truly creepy, but this tiny version of him would look really neat on a shelf or on the corner of a desk, so keep this in mind for any upcoming birthdays or holidays.

7 American Horror Story Cute but Psycho Light Weight Crew T-Shirt

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Tate Langdon is a 17-year-old psychiatric patient, is a character from Murder House (where it all began) and is portrayed by Evan Peters. He may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there is such a big following surrounding this TV series.

That being said, this tee is another smart gift idea, as it features an image of Tate, plus this message: Cute but Psycho. Yes, that sounds like Tate! Furthermore, many people out there - especially fans of this series - have a crush on the young, talented actor who is named Evan Peters, too so this could be a win-win option.

6 Funko POP TV: American Horror Story Hotel Action Figure - Mr. March

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Alright, we are moving right along, and up next, we have another Funko Pop figure and another Evan Peters’ character. This is James March, a serial killer and the designer of the Hotel Cortez. So, yes, Mr. March can be found in Hotel, which is the fifth season of American Horror Story.

And in this series, no house is just a house… no asylum is just an asylum… and no hotel is just some ordinary and boring and average and nice hotel. Nope. Never. It gets really good and really scary on AHS, so celebrate that with this little guy!

5 American Horror Story: Asylum Crying Nun Molded Mug

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Mugs are wise gift ideas, since they are affordable, as they can work for a variety of people and since they can easily show off someone’s passion for a cause, a team or a television series - like this one.

The crying nun image is synonymous with Asylum, and she looks so stinkin’ cool! This ceramic mug not only can hold yummy beverages, but it is also a unique way to tell the world how much AHS is loved. We definitely suggest getting this for the fans of this show we all know in our lives (or just for ourselves instead).

4 American Horror Story Join Us Hexagon Large

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When it comes to buying presents, we also recommend T-shirts, and this one works for men and women, comes in a variety of sizes and has two color options. Regardless of any thoughts on politics, all AHS fans can surely agree that Cult was creepy in the best way possible.

Imagine wearing this “Join Us” tee and seeing faces light up when other fans of this series are passed by on the street, at the gym or in the grocery store! We may not want to rub Cheetos on our face, but we would totally rock this item.

3 American Horror Story - The Ultimate Quiz Book


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Test people’s knowledge of the first six seasons of this show with this quiz book! There are different sections on characters, places, episodes and names, to name just a few, and there are over 600 questions. Whip this out at that watch party. Surprise someone with this product on their birthday.

Bring it to pass the time on a road trip. Keep it in a handy place, like the coffee table in the living room, in order to brush up on and reminisce on facts from this amazing TV show. There are so many reasons to opt for this quiz book!

2 I'm the Next Supreme Witch Horror Canvas Tote Bag

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Okay, here is another Coven-inspired object… A big part of that season was finding out who would take over the group and be deemed the next Supreme. Well, people can say that they are with this tote bag!

Canvas bags provide eco-friendly ways to carry supplies to the beach, to bag up groceries at the store and to carry books to class. Therefore, go for one that has a cute and fun message on it, in order to look good and do some good. And who knows… We could even meet some fellow witchy women while carrying this tote bag…

1 American Horror Story: Apocalypse

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At the beginning of the list, it was suggested that a DVD set containing Seasons 1 through 7 should be purchased. So, after getting that and watching Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, Roanoke and Cult… Season 8 can be enjoyed, as well!

Whether someone is just getting into the show or is ready to watch it all again, Apocalypse needs to be seen and owned. No spoiler alerts will be dropped here today, but it brings back some familiar faces and puts everyone in a very interesting place. So, once again, consider getting this for a loved one, for a fan and/or for yourself.

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