'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Fan-Made Teaser: Fallen Angel & Killer Clown [Updated]

The first teaser for 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' promises a cast of unusual characters and dark villains.

UPDATE: FX has confirmed that this preview is not official.

Since debuting on FX in 2011, Ryan Murphy's frightening anthology series, American Horror Story, has served up three highly-watched seasons of tales about ghosts, mental patients and witches. But the upcoming fourth season, premiering in October, will take viewers to a completely new and unexpected place: Jupiter, Florida, home of one of the last remaining freak shows in the 1950s.

Emmy-winner and star Jessica Lange is returning to the series yet again, though it'll unfortunately be her last season on the show. For her final episodes, she'll be surrounded by most of the core cast from seasons 2 and 3 in new roles, including Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Frances Conroy, Denis O’Hare, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Emma Roberts. A new addition, Michael Chiklis will make his first appearance on the series as Bates' ex-husband and Peters' father.

As usual, the first teaser for American Horror Story: Freak Show, titled "Fallen Angel", doesn't actually show any of the main actors, but it certainly sets the mood with its creepy music and shocking visuals. And since we still don't know much about this season in general, we can only guess that the evil puppeteer controlling the fallen angel's every move is the Clown Killer character that Murphy mentioned would make the new season "quite terrifyingly dark."

UPDATE: FX, as reported by THR, has confirmed that the above Freak Show teaser is, in fact, a fan-made preview.

For now, what we do know is Lange will reportedly play “a German ex-pat who is managing one of the last freak shows in the U.S.,” and the rest of the cast will star as the freaks in her show, all willing to do whatever it takes to keep their business alive. Paulson recently revealed she's playing conjoined twins Bette and Dot, yet the other characters joining her in the freak show still remain a mystery.

While Lange will unmistakably be the lead, it seems a lot of the story this season will actually revolve around Bates' role as the rumored bearded lady and ex-wife of Chiklis' strongman. Her ex-husband has since remarried to Bassett's character, thus continuing the character feud the two actresses started last season.

But the bearded lady will also have at least two more enemies on her heels. Wes Bentley will recur as Eddie, a dark tormentor from her past hell-bent on revenge, and don't forget O'Hare's character who is on a mission to collect all the freaks for himself.

So tell us Screen Rant readers, from what you know so far, are you excited for the new season of American Horror Story: Freak Show?

American Horror Story: Freak Show is expected to debut in October, but currently no premiere date has been set.

Update Source: THR

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