'American Horror Story': Sarah Paulson Reveals Her 'Freak Show' Role

Sarah Paulson has taken to Twitter to reveal where she fits into the dark carnival of 'American Horror Story: Freak Show'.

Exploding onto the scene in 2011, Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story is one of the most popular shows on cable, with each new season setting ratings records. The most recent season - entitled American Horror Story: Coven - divided both fans and critics, with some believing it to be the most entertaining batch of episodes yet, and others considering it the worst season to date. Either way, the ratings were through the roof, and there's no reason to believe that will change for this fall's American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Information about the 1950s era, carnival-set Freak Show has been steadily making its way to the web over the last few months. Oscar and Emmy-winner Jessica Lange will once again return to star, Coven favorites Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett will return, and new additions like Michael Chiklis will be thrown into American Horror Story's unpredictable world. In addition to that, the core cast of seasons 2 and 3 will be back as well, including Sarah Paulson (12 Years a Slave).

Paulson had a limited role during AHS' inaugural season, but many would argue that she stole the show in both the Asylum and Coven seasons. Her work as repeatedly victimized reporter Lana Winters during Asylum received high marks from critics, and even Coven's detractors have had few bad things to say about Paulson's turn as conflicted but kind witch Cordelia Foxx.

Recently, Paulson took to Twitter to announce what character she'll be playing in Freak Show -  or, rather, which characters: