American Horror Story: 20 Wild Fan Theories That Change Everything

American Horror Story Lady Gaga

The fact that American Horror Story's anthology format forces the story to reset yearly allows producers to start anew and drop elements that aren’t working. However, over time it has become abundantly clear that just because a season has come to an end, that does not mean every element of it is gone forever.

As more connections between the various American Horror Story seasons get revealed over time, viewers have been inspired to theorize about what is really going on in the show. Of course, not all of these theories are created equally and some of them end up making no sense at all once people really look into them. On the other hand, some previous theories have already been confirmed to be true and others could be in the future. With that in mind, it is time to look at some of the best American Horror Story fan theories.

In order for a theory to be considered for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost needs to be related to the plot of the show American Horror Story in one way or another. On top of that, it has to have been suggested online by someone who is not involved in the production of the show, whether that is an everyday fan or a writer. Additionally, there has to be some possibility that it could still become a part of the show as of the time of this writing.

Here are 20 Crazy American Horror Story Fan Theories That Change Everything.

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20 Much of the Show’s Evil Comes From Salem

During 1692 and 1693 more than 200 people were put on trial for being witches in Salem, Massachusetts. Of course, going on trial for that is bad enough, but the reason this period is still remembered by the world is that many defendants were found guilty and forced to pay the ultimate price. As a result of that event, all of these years later people still associate Salem with evil, which may be why the location has been brought up during several seasons of American Horror Story.

In fact, so many dark elements from AHS have a connection to Massachusetts, including coven members descending from witch trial victims, that some fans suspect the show’s evil stems from Salem.

19 Oliver Thredson and Dandy Mott Are Half-Brothers

Finn Wittrock as Dandy Mott in American Horror Story

Someone that many

Zachary Quinto was a big part of the second and third seasons of American Horror Story. If this theory is to be believed, his Asylum character remained relevant for a while after, since Dandy Mott from Freak Show is his half-brother.

This is based on the belief that Gloria Mott gave birth to both children.

In Freak Show, she mentioned that her family has produced some psychopaths, which could describe Oliver. At one point mentioning she would do anything for money, including marrying a second cousin, Gloria could've done just that-- and Oliver, who she gave up to adoption, was the result. At one point a demon taunts Oliver about being abandoned. The timeline of his birth also matches the period in which Gloria was broke, and she had Dandy late in life.

18 Everyone with the Last Name Mongomery is Related

American Horror Story Madison

Based on the significance of a single location, American Horror Story’s first season is focused on loads of people that are drawn in by the dark power of a house only to never leave again. Though the story was thought to be over once the second season began, episodes of Apocalypse have made it abundantly clear that is not the case.

Of course, devoted fans of the show have known for years that connections between the seasons exist. Potentially an example of that, this theory posits that Madison Montgomery from season 3 is a relative of a couple who share her last name and previously owned the aforementioned house from season 1.

17 Dr. Arden Actually is an Alien

James Cromwell as Arthur Arden in American Horror Story

If this was any other show we were talking about, buying into the idea that a seemingly human character actually was an alien would be really hard. However, American Horror Story is chock-full of the supernatural and unexpected.

Given the evidence, this theory holds water.

An absolutely awful being, Dr. Arden from the Asylum season is known to have committed crimes against humanity through his weird experiments on people. Though arguably the kind of thing an alien might do, this is admittedly pretty weak evidence of him originating from another planet. However, one of his victims comes to believe that he has been approached by an alien and interviews have suggested that there is something wrong with Dr. Arden’s body. Perhaps when recreating a human body, aliens miscalculated how things work below the belt.

16 Each Season is a Campfire Story

American Horror Story

Unlike most shows, the nature of American Horror Story makes it so the people behind the series don’t have to come up with a traditional finale. Sure, each season has an ending of sorts but given the anthology nature of the show, fans aren’t expecting to have everything wrapped up in a neat little bow. However, if this theory is true, producers could use it to give viewers exactly that kind of final moment.

Basically, the idea is that each season is a story that has been made up by one member of a group of friends who are seated around a campfire and that characters from the show are based on them. Incorporating elements from one another’s stories in their own tales, the show could end by revealing the group of friends, each of whom are played by a series regular.

15 Freak Show is a Darker Version of Alice in Wonderland

American Horror Story Twins

If there is one thing that we can say for sure about watching Freak Show, it's that it kept us guessing, not only about what would happen next but also about what was going on, period. Considering that is similar to how Alice feels when she falls down the rabbit hole, this is the first thing the two stories have in common.

Elsa’s smoking brings to mind the caterpillar.

On top of that, Twisty’s fake smile is similar to the Cheshire Cat’s grin,Dot and Bette are kind of like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and Dandy is a lot like the queen of hearts. If all of that weren’t interesting enough, there also is the fact that top hats are visible all throughout Freak Show.

14 Cordelia’s Vision Comes True

American Horror Story Coven

One of the most interesting moments from the Coven season is when Cordelia gets a vision that serves as creepy motivation for her from that point forward. Motivation aside, however, at first it seems like a throwaway moment since she sees the coven meeting their untimely doom but none of it comes to pass-- or does it?

Admittedly, there is never a scene that recreates Cordelia’s vision but many of the final fates the coven members meet echo what Cordelia saw. For instance, Cordelia sees Madison passing away due to an injury to her neck and she is suffocated. Zoe passed away after falling on spikes and in the vision she has been skewered through her chest.

13 The Countess Took in Blond Children Because She Was Looking for Michael

American Horror Story Lady Gaga

By far the most talked about character from Hotel, The Countess was a big hit with fans and critics alike. The owner of the Hotel Cortez is responsible for many ghastly acts of violence that happen there, yet she takes care of a group of young children, all of whom are blonde. She is revealed to have a virus that has kept her young for decades, and all of her kids end up in the same position which means they will remain young forever.

The theory is that she learned that Michael, the antichrist from season 1, has been born and she hopes to gain control over him.

Since he is a blond, she is collecting any kids in his age range that have the same hair color and seem special.

12 One of Tate’s Victims Was a Member of the Coven

American Horror Story - Evan Peters as Tate Langdon in Murder House

At first it seems like Tate Langdon from season 1 is a decent teenager but in the end, it is revealed that he has committed more than one horrific act. He is responsible for taking out several fellow students in an awful act of violence at his school. When the audience first learns Tate did something so awful, they see him an entirely different light. However, one Reddit user suggested that viewers should have been paying attention to one of his victims, since she looks so much like one of the coven’s former witches from before season 3.

If that is true, then Tate dispatched a trained witch.

11 Vivien Harmon is the Granddaughter of Freak Show’s Dr. Bonham

American Horror Story Connie Britton

Up until they popped back up in the 6th and 8th seasons of American Horror Story, it seemed like Vivien and Ben Harmon from the first season had no lasting effect on the series. In the case of Vivien, however, this theory would have you believe that one of her relatives was introduced in season four. The idea is that Dr. Harmon from Freak Show is Vivien’s grandfather. As for the evidence this is the case, the doctor is known to have a daughter in Boston, which is where Vivien lived prior to season one.

The doctor lived in Florida and Vivian has a sister who lives there.

Finally, the doctor is shown to have at least one granddaughter in a Freak Show scene.

10 Lady Gaga Will Play the Original Supreme Again in Apocalypse

American Horror Story Lady Gaga

One of the main reasons why American Horror Story has managed to last so long is that the show has cast a long list of stellar actors in important roles. While bringing in legends like Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett, and Kathy Bates has added to the show, taking a risk by casting a relative rookie actor like Lady Gaga also worked out really well. That said, her busy schedule has kept her from showing up in every season, as some of her co-stars do. In fact, aside from starring in Hotel, the only other season she appeared in is Roanoke in which she played the very first supreme, Scáthach.

She is known to be immortal.

As a result, some fans have suggested Scáthach is part of the most recent season since Billy Eichner teased on social media that a surprise cast member would appear.

9 Moira Changes Forms So Her Remains Will be Discovered

American Horror Story Alexandra Breckenridge

A truly horrific place, the first season’s house has a dark effect on its occupants. Those who perish there have their souls stuck there as long as their remains stay on the property. As a result, many of the beings that haunt the home have one major goal in mind: helping the living discover their final resting place in hopes they will be moved.

Trapped there for years, at first Moira seems to be a run of the mill maid, but those attracted to women see her as a vibrant beauty while she appears old to everyone else. This could lead you to assume that the people looking at her have power over how she looks. However, this theory is that she decides which of her forms would work best in her efforts to instruct people to find her remains.

8 Dinah from Apocalypse is Marie Laveau's Daughter

American Horror Story Angela Bassett

Previously presumed to be nothing more than an average witch, if Dinah has a connection to the world of voodoo, that instantly brings to mind a powerful character previously seen in the show. Introduced in the Coven season, Angela Bassett’s character Marie Laveau was the equivalent of a supreme in the voodoo world.

Laveau was known to have a daughter and she has been theorized to be Dinah.

This also is backed up by the idea that her connection to such a powerful being could be why Michael asked Dinah if she was going to be a problem for him.

7 Sister Mary Eunice Wasn’t As Possessed as Everyone Thought

Lily Rabe as Sister Mary Eunice in American Horror Story Asylum

In the Asylum season we are introduced to Sister Mary Eunice and see her seemingly condemned when she is possessed by a demon. Shown with yellow eyes during her dark acts, this made it seem that she truly had been possessed. However, it was noticed that other possessed beings have consistently yellow eyes\, while hers turn back and forth.

On top of that, aside from when she did awful things to others, she still acted exactly the same way she had before. This has led some to believe that she wasn’t actually fully possessed and instead her evil side was just awakened, which would mean she was still in control during her evil deeds.

6 Mallory From Apocalypse is an Angel or Godlike Being

American Horror Story Mallory

A great American Horror Story addition, Apocalypse introduced a trio of new witches, including Mallory who was a servant to Coco, another newly revealed coven member. In a pretty delicious turn of events, however, once both were revealed to be witches, it is Mallory who is far more powerful than Coco. In fact, Mallory is shown doing things so incredible that even her elders at the school and the current supreme Cordelia were astonished by what she can do.

One theory points to Mallory possibly being an angel.

On top of that, another idea is that she is a godlike being sent to Earth to fight the antichrist Michael since they are polar opposites.

5 Oz from Cult is the Grandson of One of the Boys that Escaped Twisty

American Horror Story Freak Show

The most visually striking character that American Horror Story has produced is Twisty. As a result, whenever the show references that clown, it is bound to please many viewers. Perhaps that is why there are good reasons to believe that Oz, a character from the Cult season, is the grandson of Corey, one of the children Twisty abducted.

As for the evidence of this being the case, Oz’s biological mother Ally is afraid of clowns, which could have resulted from knowing that one abducted her dad. On top of that, the actors chosen to play Oz and Corey are brothers in real life, which could have been an intentional wink at their character’s links.

4 Coven's secret meaning

At first Coven seemed to be all about a school for witches and the new class of students that are jockeying for position. However, before too long it becomes clear that the most important things going on relate to the women who are already part of the coven. The long-term Supreme is beginning to lose her power.

The theory is that the season's theme is that being brought up to think you deserve power makes you awful at wielding it.

Evidence of this includes Cordelia becoming a wonderful supreme, Madison's entitlement, and that Fiona is incredibly selfish and am awful leader.

3 Sally from Hotel is Connected to Tate from Season 1

American Horror Story Sally

As we mentioned earlier in this list, Tate Langdon from the show’s first season is known to have gone to school one day and violently dispatched several of his peers. One element that we didn’t bring up prior to this is that Tate was shown ingesting an illegal substance prior to taking out his peers. At the time thought to be nothing more than a window into his mental state at the time of his dark deed, in retrospect that moment could also connect him to Sally from the Hotel season.

Sally is known to have been living in his city when Tate went to school that day. Additionally, it was revealed that she made her living in those days by selling the kind of substances that Tate ingested.

2 The Coven is Part of The Cooperative from Apocalypse

American Horror Story

Apocalypse largely has focused on a group of survivors of an extinction-level event who were saved by a group known as The Cooperative. At the time of this writing, very little is known about the Cooperative, aside from the fact that they had the means to build several outposts capable of keeping small groups of people alive. This was made all the more interesting when it became clear that several members of the coven, who had been manipulated to have forgotten their witchy ways, were living at these outposts.

The theory is that the coven, working together with their warlock counterparts, actually are the Cooperative.

Combining their abilities in order to keep their members alive, they will team up to take on Michael.

1 The Show Features Various Levels from Dante’s Inferno

Probably the most talked about fan theory when it comes to the American Horror Story franchise is the Dante’s Inferno comparison. If you don’t know, Dante’s Inferno is an epic poem that focuses on the author’s journey through Hell, which features nine circles where different kinds of sinners are tormented.

Brought up by fans so often that even AHS co-creator Ryan Murphy acknowledged it on Instagram, the idea is that every season of the show represents a different level of Hell. Examples of this include the first season being Limbo, Asylum is Fraud, Coven is treachery, Freak Show is greed, Hotel is Gluttony, and Cult is all about heresy.


What's your favorite American Horror Story fan theory? Let us know in the comments!

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