American Horror Story Creator Wants Jessica Lange in Crossover Season

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Ryan Murphy is hopeful that American Horror Story's famous leading lady, Jessica Lange returns for the show's crossover season. The anthology series returns to FX this fall for its seventh season, with a focus on the Presidential Election of 2016. The show has also been renewed for at least two more seasons, giving Murphy plenty of scope to explore different ideas, one of which could be a crossover season.

Murphy has already expressed his intention to make an American Horror Story crossover between its Murder House and Coven seasons, at some point in the future. While he didn't express a timescale for this, it does seem as though it's still very much in the works, and could bring Lange back into the American Horror Story fold.

Currently starring in another Murphy project, Feud, Lange was an American Horror Story regular in the first few seasons, but stepped down after Freak Show, the fourth season in the anthology. However, her characters were very popular, and she starred in Murder House as Constance, and in Coven as Fiona, the most powerful witch of her generation. Speaking at Feud: Bette and Joan event, Murphy told TV Guide that he was hopeful he could tempt Lange back to the American Horror Story fold for the crossover event:

"I think she would if I bribed her enough, you know? I haven't really talked to her about it at all because we are still figuring out that story, but I think we do want to do that."

Jessica Lange

If Lange did return, it would seem logical to have her play one of the characters she portrayed, but there is also the possibility to have her return as both Constance and Fiona, and it seems as though that is something Murphy could explore. Another American Horror Story stalwart, Sarah Paulson, has already said that she would love to appear as both her Murder House and Coven characters, and would want them to share a scene together.

Paulson played Cordelia in Coven, and Billie Dean in Murder House. Paulson has already reprised Billie in American Horror Story: Hotel, and she's also involved in Murphy's American Crime Story. While a crossover from two of the anthology's most popular seasons sounds great, it could prove tricky to carry it off.

Murphy's knack of using the same actors for many different roles means that there are several actors who have appeared in both Murder House and Coven; not just Lange and Paulson, but also Taissa Farmiga and Evan Peters. All four actors had pretty substantial roles in both seasons, so if they do all reprise their respective two roles, then the wardrobe and make-up departments are going to be very busy indeed.

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American Horror Story returns to FX in the Fall.

Source: TV Guide

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