American Horror Story: Murder House/Coven Crossover Season Announced

American Horror Story Murder House Coven Crossover

The anthology format of American Horror Story has meant that, while many actors carry over from season to season in new roles, each year brings an entirely new storyline to be acted out. And while callbacks and references to previous incarnations are part of what has kept devoted fans coming back for more, a full-blown, in-continuity crossover between seasons has yet to take place on the still-popular FX cable series apart from brief single-character cameos or "deep lore" references. Some fans had predicted that this most current season would deliver on such, prior to the official reveal of the Roanoke storyline.

While season 6 didn't bring the crossover many fans were anticipating that doesn't mean creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk aren't going to bring one eventually. In fact, it was recently announced by Murphy that the kind of crossover fans have been hoping for is finally in the offing.

Speaking to the press and fans at EW's "PopFest" event about the future of the  series, Murphy clarified an earlier statement hinting at a return to the characters and mythos introduced in the season 3 Coven storyline -- and what he had to say should have American Horror Story superfans very excited:

“We do know what we’re going to do. It’s not going to be next season, but we are going to do a season that’s a crossover between Murder House and Coven together, which is very bizarre.”

American Horror Story Season 6 Bones

Murder House was the name subsequently assigned to American Horror Story's first season once it became official that the series would adhere to the anthology format. The storyline involved a seemingly ordinary family who moved into a house that soon proved to be haunted (literally and figuratively) by unspeakable events that occurred years prior. While fans remain divided as to whether subsequent seasons were better, the "original" cast and story elements have remained iconic to the series overall.

Left unsaid is whether or not the crossover season will function as a sequel to either or both seasons. Both Murder House and Coven involved storylines that covered multiple different periods in time, so it's not inconceivable that a storyline allowing characters from both to meet might take place in a period before or after the most prominent events seen in actual episodes. Murphy also did not comment on which characters may or may not be making their return, meaning that it may be too early for fans to begin speculating as to whether or not their particular favorites will be turning up again.

American Horror Story: Roanoke continues next Wednesday with 'Chapter 8' @10pm on FX.

Source: EW

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